TRACK REVIEW: Dave Correa – Gravity featuring Amber Traill (Original Mix) by Rory Harrison



2014 is a big year in the trance recording industry, we have just barely passed April and we are seeing the ascension of new songs, artists and even labels. Full On 140 Records are one such new label with their eyes on a slice of the pie that is the resurgence of trance music in North America. Their debut release sees the collaboration of energetic, heavy-hitting, NY-based trance producer Dave Correa and rising vocal talent Amber Traill who is still reaping praise for her work on her debut single Let Me Go.

A cheeky buildup after the opening bassline gives this track an early sense of elevation. The initial buildup is soon interrupted with slow and simple piano work that fills the soul. Faintly in the background, as a pounding140 bassline remains consistent in its energy, a voice is heard. So distant as to remain undecipherable, yet clear enough to recognize its “NASA space communication”-like quality, this interesting edit fits very well with the space theme this track first incorporates with the title Gravity and makes brief appearances throughout the track.

As we come to the meat of the song, the verse and chorus combo, heavenly piano chords are joined by an angelic voice. Amber sweeps the eager listener off their feet and into the stratosphere, her voice dripping with emotion. Again her tone is longing almost pleading as she toys with deep and vast ideas like moving beyond the barriers of our terrestrial and mortal reality… gravity and rebirth. There is not a lot of lyrical content in this sophomore release but it enables the listener to instead focus on the musical technicalities.

The track is quite simple and does not rely on to many long-winded buildups, ballads, or breaks to get its point across. Instead, it sticks to tested and true trance methods like its catchy almost perfect synth progression from Dave Correa or the alluring contagious vocal quality of Amber. Gravity is already being heard on global dance floors thanks to the likes of Photographer and Temple One. Trance family can look forward to more from these two talents and indeed from Full On 140 as we move through 2014 and into summer!

Released on: Full On 140 Records

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