TRACK REVIEWS: Patrick Perez – Nocturnal (Original Mix) and Retro Galactic (Original Mix) by Amrit Sandhu


patrick perez
Released on: Morrison Recordings

Patrick Perez started producing music when he was 18 years old. Since then, he has been passionate about working very hard to develop his own style in the electronic music scene. His experience continues to grow as more and more followers recognize his talent and respect him for it. He’s inspired by the likes of Nick Dow, Henry Saiz, Jeremy Olander, and the legendary Eric Prydz.

Nocturnal has a groovy dark techno beat, one the sends your spine tingling. The bass hits you and right off the bat you want to dance. I am imagining this track being played at Nocturne Nightclub in Toronto, because of the darkness and how this track captivates your senses. Nocturnal means something of the night, and in this case it makes me aware of every beat and drop in this track. It is a phenomenally produced track, with the beat taking you on a journey until then very end. This is one track and every dark techno lover should have on their playlist.

Retro Galactic has the continuing theme of darkness and gives me goosebumps listening to it. This track reminds me of space odyssey movies and makes me believe in the future. This track, although dark, has lightness as well and brings an air that I haven’t seen in many techno tracks before. It’s an amazing track with components of light and dark beats that mesh well and make your mind think. Patrick Perez has a club banger with this one for sure and I think I’ve become addicted to this track because of the different dynamics. Techno music will not be the same after this. The yin is nothing without the yang, and this track shows how to different dynamics work so well together.

Bravo! Patrick Perez, you have two monster hits, and I don’t see you ever stopping, especially being supported by the likes of Jaytech, Toby Hedges, Ruben De Ronde and Markus Shulz.


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