TRACKS: Emika’s exclusive DJ Mix now available at Clash


A truly original voice, Emika‘s background is almost entirely distinct. Classically trained, the producer then worked as a sound designer for Native Instruments before her own music began to take precedents.

Working with Ninja Tune, 2011’s ‘Emika’ and 2013’s ‘DVA’ established the artist as a brave, quite singular voice. Fusing left field electronics with hip hop, heartbreaking songwriting with challenging noise, Emika was almost impossible to second guess.

Coming of age in Bristol, Emika is now based in Berlin where she is “making pop, but with a hard edge, playing different sounds and intensities against each other. I try to stay on the fence, leaving from for the listener to create a sense of what its about. It’s all about tension for me.”

Continually pushing ahead, the producer recently pieced together a mix for Clash to demonstrate where her head is at. Frequently collaborating with The Bomb Squad producer Hank Shocklee, Emika has also completed a salute to David Bowie – in the form of a neat deconstruction of Let’s Dance.

All pieced together with a rare sense of exactness and detail, this is a fascinating catch up.

The mix is available for streaming and download here!

1. Emika – Almost The Sky (edit, forthcoming) / 2. Paul Du Lac – Backstreet Boy
3. Jesse Saunders – 5A / 4. Emika – A Capella
5. Paul Du Lac – M.Y.O.
6. Theo Parrish & Carl Craig – Falling Up / 7. Emika – XXXtacy (vocal edit, forthcoming)
8. Ekman – Sharada
9. Tyree – Nuthin Wrong
10. Kassem Mosse – Broken Patterns
11. Erika – North Hex
12. Jonsson-Alter – Tuffa Sig
13. Braille – The Year 3000
14. Graze – Ripley
15. Emika – Letís Dance (Shocklee-Emikaized Version, forthcoming)



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