TRACKS: Illangelo announces “Clockwork” ft Pho Finister on Bromance Records


After releasing his debut album, History of Man”, last summer, Carlo ‘Illangelo’ Montagnese will release his follow-up single, Bromance #16: Clockwork on Bromance on May 12. Clockwork, featuring seductive vocals from singer Phlo Finisteris a slow-burn track with a delicate piano melody and metallic future R&B production that sets an avant-garde scene that Illangelo and Phlo wanted to create with the track.  An instrumental B-side will also be included with the single.

“We imagined the song set in a retro-futuristic world, similar to movies like ‘Clockwork Orange,’ ‘Blade Runner’ or ‘HER.’ The youth are influenced by a programmed, internet/media driven society.  Distracted, lazy, wasted society, destroying our world. We’ve exhausted our natural resources, while poverty and war continues to spread. The world is an hour-glass turned over, with the time running out.”

Prior to “History of Man”which was a visual and audio narrative inspired by the epic poem Paradise Lost by 17th-century poet John Milton, Illangelo was most notable for his role as executive producer on The Weeknd’s 2012 album Trilogy” as well as singles by Drake and Wiz Khalifa and official remixes for Lady Gaga and Florence + The MachineClockwork is the first of more collaborations to come from Illangelo and Phlo Finister.


1. Clockwork (feat. Phlo Finister)

2. Clockwork (Instrumental)

Preview Illangelo’s Clockwork ft. Phlo Finister HERE and pre-order it on iTunes.




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