TRACKS: Justin James releases “Not The Curator” on his newly launched record label “refused.”



Justin James is proud to announce the launch of his new record label – refused. and its first official release Not The Curator – which is out now. Techno at its finest, Not The Curator is an unveiling of what’s to come on the refused. label. As a Windsor based producer, Detroit influence emanates from every pore of his music, allowing Justin to combine a collection of unusual effects that give Not The Curator an unique character and infectious groove. With a persistent sense of urgency and modulated bassline, Not The Curator sucks you into its hypnotizing vortex right from the get-go.

refused. will showcase forward thinking techno from himself, established artists and up-and-coming talent from around the globe. All about his deep love of the diverse elements of techno, Justin has taken his vision to the next level by curating his own imprint with refused. As an artist who’s released on powerhouse international labels such as Minus and Sci+Tec, a slew of creativity is already available from Justin, and what’s next is about to blow your mind.

Justin keeps the dance-floor militia on their toes, with his juxtaposition of raw techno and organic elements. Cohesively developing a unique style that rolls all elements of techno into one highly kinetic experience, Justin James has the ability to pool his influences, and endlessly move crowds to the far reaches of the genre. Together, the launch of refused. and Not The Curator will undoubtedly set the tone for the future of techno.

This 4-track release is now available on Beatport!


Justin James



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