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With the summer season already here, a new “In Trance We Trust” is out: Volume 20. Released on a yearly basis (on average), these mixes have always been dedicated to the purest of club-oriented trance. The In Trance We Trust label, a sub-label of the legendary Black Hole Recordings, was founded by Tiësto and Arny Bink back in the late 90’s and similar to other trance series mixes, each CD is mixed by a different DJ, each with a notable reputation in the industry. The 20th installment of “In Trance We Trust” has an impressive 3 CDs, each mixed by different trance DJs/Producers.

Menno-De-JongThe first CD, mixed by Dutch DJ/producer Menno de Jong, is almost entirely uplifting trance. If you’re into faster tempos with pounding kicks and flying arpeggios, then this is definitely the CD for you. I’m not a fan of too much of one specific genre for too long, so my ears quickly got tired listening to this one. However, I found the intro track, Patriot by Naian and Seventh Meridian, really beautiful and a great way to start the trance journey. Other tracks on this CD that stood out for me: Connected (Kaimo K Bangin Mix) by Menno de Jong, Stereojackers, Mark Loverush & Shelley Harland, and On Fire (Aly & Fila Remix) by Luke Bond featuring Roxanne Emery.

mikesaint-julesThe second CD, mixed by American DJ/producer Mike Saint-Jules, caught my attention the most. I found it had the most variety of sounds and atmospheres. From the ambient vibes of Christian Drost’s Space in Time, to the hark back to early 2000’s trance with Richard Durand’s powerful Morning Light, to the pounding tech-trance rhythm and beautiful melodies in Mike Saint-Jules & Eco’s track Azure – this CD covers a lot of trance sounds. Tomac‘s The Quest was also placed into this mix. Tomac is a rising producer, and a Resident DJ at Circus Afterhours in Montreal, Canada, who you should be keeping an ear on. This second CD in the mix gave me the most joy to listen to, and I think it will for you, too.

sneijder-pressThe final CD, mixed by Irish DJ/producer Sneijder, brings it back to uplifting trance – but with some tech-trance influence. The uplifting track Seven Colors by ReOrder really stood out for me – something about it stood above the other tracks. And the last track – Fire Drill by Sam Jones & Will Rees, really drives it home with pure tech-trance rhythms, creating a lasting image in my mind.



“In Trance We Trust 020” is a nice compilation that, while very focused on the uplifting genre, successfully brings in some diversity. I would recommend this to anybody who enjoys trance, as it surely has something for each of you.

The album is out now, in both mixed and unmixed versions, on iTunes and Beatport – while hard copies are also available on FineNight.

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Disc 1. Menno de Jong

01. Naian vs. Seventh Meridian – Patriot
02. Adam Nickey – Perfect Destiny (Allende Remix)
03. Liquid Soul – Nirvana (Activa Remix)
04. Menno de Jong, Stereojackers v Mark Loverush, Shelley Harland – Connected (Kaimo K Banging Mix)
05. Gal Abutbul & Tim Briggs – Revert
06. Aly & Fila featuring Sue McLaren – Where To Now (Will Atkinson Gold Mix)
07. Luke Bond featuring Roxanne Emery – On Fire (Aly & Fila Remix)
08. Menno de Jong – Any Other Day (Mac & Monday Remix)
09. Kamaya Painters – Endless Wave (Kinetica Remix)
10. Menno de Jong featuring Noire Lee – Creatures Of The Night (Adam Ellis Remix)
11. John Newall – Grand Central
12. Arctic Moon – Starlight In The Dark
13. Menno de Jong & Adam Ellis – Solicitude
14. Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight and Katty Heath – Stole The Sun (Allen & Envy Remix)
15. Johan Ekman – Rocking
16. John Askew – Shine (Original Mix)
17. Darren Porter – Terraforming (Original Mix)
18. Andain – Beautiful Things (Fady & Mina Remix)

Disc 2. Mike Saint-Jules

01. Christian Drost – Space In Time (Mike Saint-Jules Intro Edit)
02. Tomac – The Quest
03. Luke Terry featuring Silkskin – I Will Rise (Mike Saint-Jules Dark Moon Mix)
04. Mike Saint-Jules featuring Sandel – Broken Turn (Original Mix)
05. Starr – Santiago
06. Alex Wackii – Gravity
07. Mike Saint-Jules – The Final Frontier (Original Mix)
08. Danilo Ercole – Future Fuel (Original Mix)
09. Arnej – The Burrow
10. Richard Durand – Morning Light
11. Eco & Mike Saint-Jules – Azure
12. Mike Saint-Jules – Space Renegade (Original Mix)
13. Anske – Antigravity (Original Mix)
14. Choopie and Shmuel – Sunrising (Original Mix)
15. Inge Bergmann – Oblivion
16. DoubleV – Lost Highway
17. Ali Wilson & Chris North – Tech Effect (Tech Effected Mix)
18. C-Systems – Aeneas
19. New World – Depth (Original Mix)
20. Mike Saint-Jules – Point of Origin (Outro)

Disc 3. Sneijder

01. Tangle – The Night (Original Mix)
02. Sneijder – Remember Me (Extended Mix)
03. Mark Eteson – Aventus (Temple One Remix)
04. Chris Metcalfe – High Altitude (Original Mix)
05. Lee Osborne – One Way (Original Mix)
06. Ben Gold featuring The Glass Child – Fall With Me (Sneijder Remix)
07. ReOrder – Seven Colors (Original Mix)
08. Will Atkinson – Isolator
09. Steven Brooks – Beta-Motion (Original Mix)
10. Aly & Fila featuring Tricia McTeague – Speed Of Sound (Sneijder Remix)
11. Maria Healy – Atlantis Calling (Original Mix)
12. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Marc van Linden – Until Monday (Sneijder Remix)
13. Nick Callaghan & Craig Meichan – Rectify (Original Mix)
14. Stephane Badey – Cronos (Original Mix)
15. Sneijder & Bryan Kearney – Next Level (Original Mix)
16. Sam Jones & Will Rees – Fire Drill (Original Mix)


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