TRACK REVIEW: Frequent Flyer Miles – Alis Volat Propiis (Emotional Mix) by Amrit Sandhu


Label: Deepsink Digital

Frequent Flyer Miles, also known as Alex Henkens, hails from the west coast. That’s right, from the place that brought you Starbucks and Seattle. Born in the middle of summer, on July 27th in 1990, Frequent Flyer Miles understands the beauty in summer. It was a Wayward Love feat Cami Bradley remix request from Fuzion Four Records in 2009 that would get things started for this youngster. After the release, Alan gained support from around the world, gaining global radio play. Afterwards, Frequent Flyer Miles released Departing Seattle, and it was here that he gained support from producer Daniel Kandi. This track was picked up by Deepsink Digital and it’s just the beginning. Signed already to Deepsink’s roster and making huge remixes for Matrey Hidan, he is only starting to make a name for himself. With support from the likes of Giuseppe Ottaviani, Steve Anderson and much more, Frequent Flyer Miles will be an artist to look out for.

Alis Volat Propiis is a beautiful trance track. With a hard hitting bassline and an uplifting melody, it’s hard just to even not put it on repeat. This song reminds me of Above & Beyond but with a twist. It’s darker, edgier and beautifully haunting. The uplifts in it carry you across the melody while slowly dropping you into a sea of calm and serenity. It takes me on a flight to  somewhere I want to be. The break allows you to breathe and the gently calming vocals soothe your soul. It’s rare to find a track that is so perfect, and so breathtaking, that it’s almost magical. This track has all the makings of being one of the top trance tracks in my playlist of this year, if not the top. The smooth progression throughout this track and the connectivity are simply astounding.

I have just become am a fan and am looking forward to what FFM will do next. Pick this track up and I guarantee you’ll be raving about it to all your friends.

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