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Gareth Emery
Label: Garuda

Gareth Emery needs no introduction. This legendary trance and progressive DJ started off his origins in Southampton, England. At an early age he was trained in classical piano. He lived in Southampton until the age of 26, then relocating himself to Manchester, where he ran a nightclub, a record label and had a studio. In addition, he has a Degree in Politics from the University of Warwick. He supports both the Welsh Rugby team and Southampton Football Club, a true sports fanatic. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Kat Emery.

Isolate is a chilling and haunting trance/progressive track. Going back to Gareth roots, it brings a simple melody that is beautifully enhanced. It starts out with just a melody that hooks you in, bringing in the beat after 40 seconds. There are no dramatic drops but a persistent melody that hooks you in and makes you love music all over again. There are breaks in the track that allow a calm effect and separate the sections allowing you to drool over the whole track. Around the 2 minute mark your senses go on a wild ride and a little further the melody is replaced with simple chords, allowing for the build up to blow your mind.

The track comes back to the trance/progressive side and suddenly you feel like dancing and can’t help but just enjoy being happy. As Gareth states “I wrote this track in numerous locations in and around the Joshua Tree National Park In California, U.S.A, as part of a feature with Magnetic Magazine where I went “Off The Grid”.” The magazine sent me to remote locations without cellphone service or internet, just my laptop and music making software, to see how it inspired the creative process.” Well Mr. Emery, you have captured that remoteness and beauty in just one track. To any Trance fan or even general music fan, this song is a necessity. So get it now while it’s a FREE download, and enjoy pure bliss.

His current record “Drive” is out on Garuda Records, it is based upon a dream of his to drive cross country across the United States via a road trip. This road trip inspired his latest album.

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