TRACK REVIEW: Mumbai Science – “Déjà vu” and “King Of The Top Floor” by Amrit Sandhu



Label: Lektroluv Records

Mumbai Science is composed of the duo, Maarten Elen and Joan Kiesekoms and hail from the country of Belgium. They are known for their club hits Ancova, Gold and Lotus and have beeng touring around the world. They have played some of the most prestigious and respect venues, such as Fuse (Belgium), Space (Ibiza) and Womb (Tokyo). They are supported from the likes of Erol Alkan, Boyz Noize, 2ManyDJs and much more, this is only their beginning. Plays shows at EDC (Las Vegas) and various HARD events, Mumbai Science are phenomenal. Dealing with heavy themes in their songs such as moral decline they had a funky spin on music.

Déjà Vu is amazingly produced with futuristic sounds and the idea of a funky jam in the middle of you own living room. It reminds me of an 80’s track and how much I love the early 80’s. This song reflects an abstract view of contemporary EDM music, especially that in the techno scene. My feet keep tapping with the beat and my head cannot stop bobbing along with the music. The vocals are a stark contrast to the music but it fits so well to the electrifying beat that your body just moves in any way shape or form. This song is really good especially for the eclectic collector, if you are looking for something different with a bit of bite, I would definitely download this single now.

King Of The Top Floor features legendary DJ, DJ Spank of the infamous acid house formation, Phuture. DJ Spank delivers mesmerizing vocals that fit the music so well and give you goosebumps while listening to it. Annie Mac of the BBC Radio 1 fame says about the track “I love it, it’s so good”. This electro yet 80’s vibed track is just a bait, it hooks you in and you’re done for. The bassline just grooves along and makes you groove along with it, with rough and smooth bits throughout the song. It’s just a great song to shuffle to and enjoy your day. I can imagine just being in a club and getting my groove on while this is playing. This track is definitely one you should have if you love the unique yet the classics.

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