ALBUMS: Cactus Twisters debut their “Temporada EP” on refused.


Cactus Twisters
Belgian rising duo Cactus Twisters, presents their debut EP “Temporada” – which was released on refused. July 22, 2014. The EP will include 3 original techno offerings made with an innovative, timeless and very personal music approach. Characterized by dark tasty synths, strong percussion and spooky ambiance, the trifecta of techno is an infectious groove. The Belgian duo are known to create entire worlds within their music, which often tell stories which involve darkness, furtiveness and feeling.

Temporada – A hypnotizing record, which sounds are sure to lure you onto the dance floor, with its heavy bassline and futuristic sounds…you’ll leave the world behind and feed your soul.

Sorcium – Basslines and percussions will take over as the Cactus Twisters set the tone, as this record billows out a dark cloud of venom. A record with multiple elements in its production, you’ll hear a billowing of effects lurking in its depths.

Sumatra – Something special and innovative as its atmosphere grows in tension, and the track’s dark underbelly reveals itself.

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