EVENTS: Mad-Bass Heroes at Club 120 on 02-08-14


Once more the world is in peril!

A cosmic entity of bizarre alien origin is infecting the minds of innocent citizens and draining them of energy and the ability to dance! But all is not lost, as a team of 6 heroic DJs combine their hard-bass infused powers to combat the bad vibes and liberate the world of this alien influence with the powers of hardstyle, hardcore and hard dance!

Joining this fantastic mission, for the first-ever show in Toronto, is the legendary rave hero Dopamyne! The DJs are here and all they need is your support on the dance floor! Unite and party! Rave on for justice!!!


Who: Dopamyne, DJ Cynex, Lady Bass, Evilize, DJ Fallout & DJ Shok
What: Mad-Bass Heroes
When: Saturday, August 2nd, 2014
Where: Club 120, 120 Church St, Toronto
Cost: $10
Doors: 10 p.m.

If official Veld after parties aren’t your thing and you actually want to have some space to dance and meet new people, why not check out Mad-Bass Heroes at Club 120 on Saturday August 2? The EDMTOR team will be there!


Dopamyne (Hard Dance)
DJ Cynex (Hard Dance)
Lady Bass (NRG)
Evilize (Gabber/Crossbreed)
DJ Fallout (Jump/Hardstyle)
DJ Shok (Subground/Hardstyle)
PLUR, ROAR, be cool, and have fun!

Oh, and if you are inclined to continue dancing the night away, you can stay for Stacked Sundays when the doors open at 4.


Lady Bass 
DJ Fallout
DJ Shok 


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