EVENT PREVIEW: Pendulum (DJ Set) at Kool Haus 09-12-14 by Richard Grandholm


As part of a special 21st anniversary celebration this September, the team at Destiny Events has given Toronto an unexpected and amazing surprise: a Pendulum DJ set, with support from Marcus Visionary and Lush. Why is this show so exciting? The group broke up in 2012, meaning there haven’t been any albums, and no shows in Toronto since then.

Pendulum is a massive drum and bass band consisting of Rob Swire on vocals and synths, Peredur ap Gwynedd on guitars, Gareth McGrillen on bass, Ben Mount as the MC, KJ Sawka (formerly Paul Kodish) on drums, and Paul Harding as the DJ. Their earliest album, “Hold Your Colour”, was released in 2005 and is the most drum and bass oriented – however, they experimented with different sounds throughout the years and incorporated more melodic influences into their work.

Even though Pendulum is disbanded, Toronto will be blessed with a drum and bass-heavy set, most likely from Paul Harding. It’s no live show, but I was fortunate to see a set from Pendulum at WEMF 2012, and it was a magical experience. I’ll be crossing my fingers for some possible surprises at the Toronto show – maybe a guest appearance, or perhaps confirmation of the long-rumoured Pendulum album.

Heavy support is coming from two locals: jungle fanatic Marcus Visionary and drum and bass legend DJ Lush, both of which are perfect as openers and will definitely set the mood right.

The show is to be held at the Kool Haus on September 12th, 19+. Early bird tickets are still just $20, available here. Hard tickets are also available at Play de Record in Toronto, Culture Rising in the Mississauga area, and Dr Disc in Hamilton. Grab your tickets now!

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