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Night Vision are an extraordinary duo from Toronto. Consisting of TJ Train and Pavel Gorin, Night Vision evolved from Night Vision brand, a collective who has put together events in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Night Vision is showing no signs of slowing down after playing Electric Island, Summerdaze and numerous events throughout the city. Night Vision and I sat down and chatted a little bit about Electric Island, their duo and their excitement to see Hendrik Schwarz.

1. How excited were you guys for Electric Island?
Pavel: Really excited. This event is definitely, if not arguably one of the best events in Toronto

2. Cool, and this is your second year here?
TJ: Yes

3. How do you get prepared for an event like this?
Pavel: Well we make sure we’re playing at the right time, playing together and setting up the atmosphere for the day, get our music together and that’s it.

4. So you guys have been around since about 2013…
TJ: It’s been about 2 years now
P: I don’t know, I don’t remember
TJ: It’s been about 2 years; it’s been about 2 years… yeah.

5. How did you guys come together?
TJ: So we actually met at a small club in Toronto called Parlor, and we used to just play together. I would play as Room 303 and he would play as Pacha, and every time we would play, everyone would just vibe off of us and it was just awesome. So everyone just kept on asking us to play, and we started something.
Pavel: Yeah, it was pretty organic.

6. And you guys are touring around Canada?
Pavel: So far, yes. We’re just getting out feet wet.
TJ: We have some gigs in Montreal, some gigs in Vancouver, we have a boat cruise in Vancouver and stuff, so it’s pretty cool.

7. What do you guys hope to get out of Electric Island today?
TJ: To get out of the Island? Well nothing really. It’s mostly our friends that are putting it together and some of our favorite artist are playing here today such as DixonHendrix Schawrtz, so we’re glad to be part of it.
Pavel: Dixon is hands down my favorite DJ.

Night Vision // Sharks with Lasers vol. 17 // February 2014 by Platforment on Mixcloud


8. And you guys have played with the other DJ’s here previously, right?
TJ: With Dixon yeah, we closed for him before, it was probably one of our favorite parties by far.
Pavel: Yeah it was amazing

9. Any crazy stories you can share?
TJ: Actually, that was the first time we closed Footwork, and it was the last time we played at Footwork – right?
Pavel: No, no not the last time. Oh yeah! It was the last time before it closed
TJ: Yeah it was the last time, and we closed it down, they usually play until 5:00 and we played until 5:30, and they had to kick everyone out.
Pavel: Yeah, it was packed.
TJ: There was like 100 people when we were done, and it was like, it was cool.
Pavel: Yeah it was really cool.
TJ: Yeah it was so cool, and Dixon was like one of the top DJ’s for us so it was like pretty amazing to play on the same roster as him, that was a huge accomplishment.

10. Are you guys from Toronto?
Both: Yep.
TJ: Well, he’s from Russia.

11. Any of the DJ’s tonight you are excited to hear?
Pavel: We’ve been waiting for Hendrik to come down to Canada for a long time, he’s one of those prolific producers out there, and his title is unmatchable
TJ: It’s live too; it’s going to be our highlight, amongst the others

12. What were you hoping to give out to the crowd today, any particular songs or styles you were hoping people would be dancing too?
TJ: We just wanted to set the vibe for everyone getting here, and getting set up. We just wanted to make sure everyone was ready to go.
Pavel: Favorite track, that’s like the hardest question ever. There are just like, hundreds. And it all depends on the mood or the vibe.

13. And as for your style of music, how would you describe that?
TJ: We’re pretty versatile, we like to play everything. We kind of have too because we playing opening and closing sets.
Pavel: I’d say one of the best things is to be able to play different crowds and different venues. Sometimes it’s just a house crowd that just wants straight house, sometimes it’s disco, sometimes it’s techno, and I think that’s the best part about it.

Thank you guys so much, and enjoy the rest of your day!
Both: Thank you!


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