EVENT REVIEW: Cosmic Gate at Guvernment 08-15-14 by Surbhi Bhangu


cosmic gate
On August 15, German group, Cosmic Gate played at The Guvernment nightclub. In our city, they are loved by dance music fans and always get a massive turnout with tracks like Fire Wire, Exploration of Space, Be Your Sound and Over the Rainbow.

I arrived at Guv at 11:30 p.m. partway through resident DJ Mark Oliver’s opening set. Outside, throngs of concertgoers stood waiting to get in, with the lines pulling back around the building. There was already a lot of hype and I overheard several conversations about what trance songs they would hear tonight. Close to the entrance, in the parking towards the far right, was Cosmic Gate’s tour bus with their “Start to Feel” album art depicted on the side. It was a sight to see,  seeing their bus before finally going in was a sweet affirmation.

After getting past security, I walked into the main room. The party was in the main room and the other rooms had been closed off to the crowd that night. Mark Oliver, guvernment resident was bringing up the energy. He spun from 10 p.m  to 12.30 a.m when power duo Claus Terhoeven (Nic Chagall) and Stefan Bossems (DJ Bossi) aka Cosmic Gate arrived and let loose.

At one point in the night, one partier at the front handed his phone to Cosmic Gate to record a video from their perspective. The crowd was going wild and at this point and you could tell everyone was having a great time!

Cosmic Gate were smiling and dancing, working up a sweat might I add! The AV crew up in the lighting booth adding to the mood by sweeping the room with green lights and lasers across the throngs of people. If you looked at it from my perspective, it looked like an immense ocean of movement, outstretched hands lit up by green lazers. So much energy! I was taking photos that night too, there were many moments where I had to turn away from the DJs and photograph the crowd. From crazy headgear, neon tank tops to shirtless dancers- it was hot in there- you could find anything and everything. In fact, it was so hot, one guy climbed up the speaker tower to get to the top and with his hands outstretched, he  was almost touching the roof. As he did this, he was blasted by a large burst of the delicious .

There were also live singers with Eric Lumiere coming on for Falling Back and Kristina Antuna giving vocals for Alone. These moments when the singers came on were a bit mellower as the DJ booth was lowered so the crowd could see them.

The visuals on the screen were awesome too; it was a treat! With crazy spinning orbs, kinetic text as well as sci-fi looking faces of women singing along to the lyrics. There was so much to take in overall. The energy, the massive sound, the lights, it was an experience to be there. The set ended around 3.30 a.m. with Cosmic Gate and the crowd both drenched in sweat from the music and dancing.

Happyness –  Cosmic Gate
Start to Feel – Cosmic Gate
Alone – Cosmic Gate
Exploration of Space – Cosmic Gate
Over the Rainbow – Cosmic Gate


Cosmic Gate


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