NEWS: Basement Jaxx unveil the TWERKBOT 1.0



Pioneering house music legends BASEMENT JAXX (Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe) debuted new visuals Never Say Never Feat. EMTL off of their recently released album “JUNTO”.

Set in a dystopian future where 98% of humans no longer dance, Basement Jaxx enlist a pair of scientists to save the future of music.

The solution? A twerking robot, aka the Twerkbot 1.0. Featuring Anti-hip-lock technology and patented Jaxx buttocks, this essential invention clocks an impressive 124 TPM (Twerks Per Minute)!

Talk about having dance music down to a science.

Fresh off a North American tour, Basement Jaxx’s fifth studio LP Junto released in August via Atlantic Jaxx/PIAS.

Globally revered as innovators and leading lights of their genre, BASEMENT JAXX blew the lid off the dance music scene of the late 90’s with their ground breaking albums “Remedy”, “Rooty” and “Kish Kash”. Having firmly established their place in the pantheon of dance music greats, the duo of Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe are back with “JUNTO”, a genre-hopping musical roller-coaster that showcases the band’s legendary inventiveness, irresistible songwriting and production smarts. Spanish for ‘together’, the concept behind “JUNTO is one of unity and soulfulness, fusing dance music’s sub-genres into one cohesive multi-flavored confection. It’s a bold, boisterous, brilliant album full of amazing guest vocal performances, richly layered production and the irresistible sense of groove that has set them apart from the very beginning. Junto marks the duo’s seventh studio album and the title, which translates from Spanish as together, sums up the spirit of the record and the very essence of the JAXX’s desire to unify people with their music. “With this album,” says Felix Buxton, “we wanted to do something that felt more at one with the world.”

Summer is here, and the JAXX are back.


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