NEWS: Plastikman releases live recording of “EXhale” as a FREE download


On the evening of November 6th, 2013, at the invitation of Raf Simons of Dior, a special Plastikman live show composed of entirely new material took place at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. The album, “EX”, was released in June, and then days after its release, a second performance took place at the renowned Sónar Festival in Barcelona.

Plastikman has now unveiled a live recording of EXhale from the performance last month – the Sónar Live Mix – available as a free MP3 / AIFF HERE.

“EX” is Plastikman’s first album release since 2003’s “Closer”, and is out now on vinyl, CD, digital and limited edition SubPac bundle. For the limited edition, Plastikman teamed up with SubPac to create a Limited Edition Premium Bundle: the album is presented on vinyl, with a signed certificate of authenticity and a custom Plastikman edition of the SubPac S1. For more information, go to

Richie Hawtin is many things – an extraordinary DJ, creator of the ENTER. experience, mastermind behind the M_NUS label, technological innovator, art aficionado – in 2011 he collaborated with British sculptor Anish Kapoor for an installation in Paris – and style icon. Before this, though, and perhaps most famously of all, he was and is Plastikman, an electronic music phenomenon whose followers are legion and fanatic.

Purchase “EX” by Plastikman on iTunes or Beatport, or go old school with the CD or vinyl LP.






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