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Entrada is the delightful and unique introductory track off of the English native Gareth Emery’s “Drive” album.  Gareth Emery is also known under the alias GTR, Cupa and Runaway among others. This is his sophomore album and was released on April 1, 2014 under the label Garuda. He produced the whole album himself, but it features vocals from Christina Novelli; the singer who is best known for her work on Emery’s ever-popular classic hit  Concrete Angel in 2010.

The track starts off with some uplifting progression with a indistinguishable vocal sample that Emery is known for. Although he has been known for falling under the category of “Trouse”; a combination of House and Trance; this track seems will please trance fans as it falls under the purity of uplifting progressive trance. It is a track that it seems like he would open a set with, to whet the crowd’s appetite for what is to follow.

Entrada is a great introduction to all of the songs off of the “Drive” album as it has the capability to bring tears to your eyes if you are in the right mind-set; sometimes managing to match the tempo of an increasing heart beat. Over the course of the song; there are points where you are slowly lifted up to a point where you can feel the music swell in your chest; only to have to pause and lift you up again. The track is a great example of a great melodic basis, no doubt helped by the fact that Gareth Emery has a background in classical piano. Add to the fact that it has no vocals on it; it only has the “hint” of an uplifting and almost chanting sample – it teases the listener with the promise that there is always more just around the corner.

Most of the tracks off the album Drive have been said to be inspired by a road trip that Emery took with his wife from New York to LA. If I had to guess what part of the journey that Entrada was inspired by it would be the leaving from the big city to go forward into the west; into the unknown but a level of building excitement as well. Entrada by definition is “an expedition or journey into unexplored territory”. Likewise, this track by Gareth Emery promises a musical exploration; a new beginning to something previously unknown. Give it a listen! Gareth Emery will be in Toronto in mid-October so be on the lookout to listen to this track live.

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