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15 years have passed since the British electronic pop trio Zoot Woman‘s first album ‘Living In A Magazine’ was released. And the release of the last album ‘Things Are What They Used To Be’ is already 5 years ago. The fourth album ‘Star Climbing’ was released on Friday, August 29th, 2014 on Embassy One Recordings. The first single off of ‘Star Climbing,’ Don´t Tear Yourself Apart, is already buzzing on the blogosphere and was released on Friday, August 15th, 2014.

Zoot Woman is the British electronic synth pop combo comprising of famed producer Stuart Price (Madonna, The Killers, Pet Shop Boys, Kylie Minogue, Chromeo, Armand Van Helden, Les Rhythmes Digitales and Jacques Lu Cont) and brothers Johnny (guitar, vocals) and Adam Blake (keyboards) who met at school in Reading, England. Their debut album ‘Living In A Magazine’ (2001) was hailed as one of the most important forerunners of modern electronic pop music, with Hall & Oates/Pet Shop Boys infused singles such as It’s Automatic and Information First and their style led conceptual aesthetic. Zoot Woman went on to release two more albums ‘Zoot Woman’ (2003) and ‘Things Are What They Used To Be’ (2009) touring relentlessly while remixing artists including Scissor Sisters and Madonna under the name of Paper Faces.

Their fourth long awaited new album ‘Star Climbing’ is a significantly different offering, fresh and optimistic electronic pop with trademark suave vocals from Johnny Blake, written and recorded in four different studios across the UK and in Price’s L.A studio.

“We felt the need to challenge our own style, to open new doors creatively. It is without a doubt my favourite Zoot Woman album. The title ‘Star Climbing’ is about the idea of reaching for something beyond what you know. – Johnny Blake // Zoot Woman.

The first song penned for the album is The Stars Are Bright, a pulsating electro pop smash with double time beats and building synths, influenced by the sound of nineties rave clubs and an album mission statement: “We’ve changed the way we see the world.”

Don’t Tear Yourself Apart is the first single from the album inspired by the need for hope when things feel dark (“When it all seems to bring you down don’t tear yourself apart, I can promise you better ways, we’ll be living in better days.”) It was recorded in a similar way to It’s Automatic, minimal music, simple song, written on an old Casio synthesizer and 909 drum machine.

“It’s a song for when you’re completely lost, but you’ve got someone telling you everything’s going to be alright.” – Adam Blake // Zoot Woman

“We recorded ‘Star Climbing’ over a three year period between our studios, working on songs and lyrics until we felt like we had found the albums direction. It is our most distinctive album to date, combining all our different tastes and styles into one.” – Stuart Price // Zoot Woman

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1. Don’t Tear Yourself Apart
2. Silhouette
3. Coming Up For Air
4. Nothing In The World
5. Rock & Roll Symphony
6. Chemistry
7. The Stars Are Bright
8. Real Real Love
9. Lifeline
10. Elusive
11. Waterfall Into The Fire


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