EVENT PREVIEW: Markus Schulz open to close MARATHON SET at The Guvernment 09-20-14 by Jeet Ghoshal


We sure are spoiled here in Toronto. We play host to, I would say, about 3-4 really good events per week spanning the entire spectrum of dance music. The spoilage is no more apparent than when you look at what the Guvernment has in store for us in the upcoming weeks. It seems like only yesterday, the top DJ in North America as voted by the fans in 2013, Markus Schulz was here for his epic open to close marathon set. And here we are, nervously awaiting his second open to close set at the Guvernment on September 20, 2014.

If this time is anything like the last, you will be glad there isn’t a dress code as the sweat will be dripping from every vertex of your body. I would highly recommend wearing something you’d be comfortable getting dirty and sweating in—festival wear comes to mind. I’m supposed to let people know of the set times…heh. Doors are at 10 p.m. and the night will continue on to the whee hours of the morning.

Markus has stated many times before, that there are certain cities and clubs in the world that he thinks are special enough to host his open to close sets. He’s done a number of them all over the world; most notably at Tomorrowland, in his hometown of Miami, and right here in Toronto. It seems only fitting that Markus comes back to take Toronto by the throat and down the rabbit hole one last time before the Guvernment closes shop.

Markus’ marathon sets differ quite drastically from his normal sets. Although he usually opens with more mainstream progressive house hits as well as his own gems such as Nothing Without Me, Love Rain Down, and Tempted, he follows that up with some of his darker, Dakota inspired tracks such as In a Green Valley and a personal favourite of mine, Sleepwalkers—wait a second, what am I saying? Everything Markus touches is my favourite! Finally, after all is said and done, the unicorn slayer takes you down the ‘rabbit hole’ by throwing weird, trippy techno and big room reconstructions at you before leaving you dazed, confused, disoriented and a little violated, but, at the same time, wonderfully fulfilled, ecstatic and most of all, exhausted.

I can’t wait. Make sure you get there early as the line-up will probably be wrapped around the corner by 9:30 p.m. And if you’re still not convinced, then maybe telling you that the last time Markus did an open to close set at the Guvernment, someone named Chris proposed to, what I would assume to be, his then girlfriend, Julie during the song Perfect. Apparently, Chris had gotten a hold of Markus and they were texting each other all night in order to coordinate the ‘perfect’ moment (you see what I did there?). So, you really never know what to expect during a Markus Schulz open to close set. But one thing is for certain, it will be unlike anything you will ever experience. So don’t miss it—you’d be stupid if you did.

As always, this is a 19+ event. But don’t worry kiddies, you probably wouldn’t be able to handle it anyways. It’s going to be one for the ages, as long as you can get your tickets. They blew up and moved through tiers at record speeds. Click here to purchase your tickets.

If you’re still unsure what exactly a rabbit hole set sounds like, check this out:

Facebook event page 


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