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Summer is not over until the fat lady sings; or until the last outdoor festival has happened. Despite the cool weather, dance music fans were supremely excited for the Sundance Beach Music Festival September 13, 2014. The headliner, Nathaniel Rathbun, better known as Audien is an American Progressive House, Trance, and Electro producer and DJ signed to Anjunabeats, with releases on Armada, and Spinnin’ Records as well.

Just after his set at Sundance, we had the opportunity to ask Audien a couple of questions and this is what he had to say.

1. You just played Sundance Festival in Toronto, tell us how that was!
That was an amazing show, right on the water, and the vibes were unmatchable!

2.How do you go about constructing a festival set? Does this differ from the way you construct a set for a nightclub?
There’s a certain energy that must be present in my music choice for a festival set. For a nightclub I’m more able to experiment with other genres and other styles, however, I’ve been doing that in my festival sets as well so the line is becoming blurred!

3. You produce everything from Progressive House, to Trance, to Electro and even Dubstep, what helps you decide what you’re going to do next?
I’m all about what inspires me. I produce based on what I’m digging lately and basically just make whatever I want! If I keep it fun in the studio, my music will sound good (I hope!)

4.You’re only 22 years old, was it awkward performing in countries where you hadn’t reached the age of majority, like the United States, before you were of age to drink there?
Was totally awkward. I only ran in to that problem in the States because the drinking age here is higher than everywhere else. I remember being rushed off of the decks in Vegas right before I was 21. That was awkward but made me feel like a little kid!

5.You were a fan of Anjunabeats prior to being signed to them, can you describe what it felt like to be taken in by something or someone that you loved prior to being involved with them?
Absolutely! I even bought one of their t-shirts when I was young. I was a HUGE fan. When I signed a few tracks with them, it was a full circle, dream come true type thing for me!

6.You’ve said in previous interviews that you see your sound evolving into something more vocal. How do you find the right vocals for your tracks?
It gets done behind the scenes, my management will scout out great vocalists for me, or I’ll find them myself! Vocal collaborations form in even some of the most unorthodox ways.

7.You alluded to a ‘formula’ that you use to produce your tracks. And that if it doesn’t follow this formula you don’t think the track is 100% complete. Could you elaborate on this formula?
The formula starts with melody, and everything else is built around that. Melody is everything to me. That’s simply the formula for my music creation process.

8.DJs put on shows anywhere from 1 hour to 12 hours or more, how do you manage your health (sleeping and eating)?
It’s tough at times but I’ve adapted to the art of finding sleep whenever I can. That includes airplanes, hotels, airports, cars. I sleep whenever I get a free hour.

9. If you could give one piece of advice to up-and-coming DJs and producers, what would it be?
Don’t just make what everyone else is making. Have your own sound, take influence from everywhere and combine it into your own vision of how music should sound.

10. You’ve alluded to an album in the past, how’s that coming along? What kinds of things can we expect from the album?
My album (when it gets done) will include so many different styles and genres of music. I like to think that versatility is part of my sound, so I want to display that on my album. You’ll hear those signature Audien sounds as well.

11. Is there anything more that you’d like to touch on? Upcoming tracks, collabs, events?
Lots of upcoming music, some possible collabs, and too many amazing events to list! Beyond Wonderland, TomorrowWorld, so many awesome shows on the horizon, stay tuned!

12. Torontonians love Anjunabeats and can’t seem to get enough of it. is there anything you want to say to your fans here in Toronto before we end this chat?
THANK YOU ALL for your support. I love Toronto! I really do.

I can’t believe Audien is only 22 and has achieved so much, it is such an inspiration. I hope everyone enjoyed his performance and Sundance and I can’t wait until Audien returns to Toronto again.



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