NEWS: 15 Interesting Facts from Eric Prydz’s Reddit AMA



Yesterday, Eric Prydz hosted his first ever official Reddit AMA. Over 1,000 questions were asked, ranging from “will you play my wedding?” to “what do you think about the overuse of the Pryda snare?”

Eric answered countless questions and revealed some truly interesting facts. Here are fifteen of them:


  1. His remix of CHVRCHES’ “Tethers” will see an official release
  2. 90% of the music he plays at EPIC 3.0 will be new
  3. He’s lost money on every single EPIC show
  4. He used to make Swedish folk music as Fiol Lasse
  5. His favorite DJ is John Digweed
  6. He’s letting Cirez D out of the cage for EPIC 3.0
  7. If he wasn’t a DJ, he’d be a chef
  8. He and deadmau5 have some special surprises in store for their HARD Day of the Dead set
  9. This won’t be the last EPIC… the show will continue to grow and change
  10. Prydz and crew have been preparing for EPIC 3.0 for nearly a year
  11. It takes about 60 people to produce the show from top to bottom
  12. He sang the vocals on the Pryda track “You”
  13. Jeremy Olander will be opening up for him at EPIC 3.0
  14. The stage and visuals are being custom-built for Madison Square Garden featuring a 60 foot hologram
  15. He’s got a special announcement regarding Jeremy Olander and Pryda Recordings


Check out his full Reddit AMA here.

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