TRACK REVIEW: Above & Beyond – Blue Sky Action featuring Alex Vargas (Extended Radio Mix)


Label: Anjunabeats

First off before I even begin this review, I am going to be honest – I have a special place in my heart for Above & Beyond. Most notably, Sun and Moon featuring the vocals of Richard Bedford. So much I think myself and my fiancée will be tattooing the lyrics on ourselves in the very near future. Above & Beyond is a trio of talented trance DJs from Britain, founded in London in 2000. They are comprised of Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness and Paavo Siljamaki who also founded the label Anjunabeats whom released this track Blue Sky Action. The last time the trio were here in Toronto at Sound Academy, the tickets sold out almost immediately.

That being said, the first thing that is quite noticeable on Above & Beyond’s newer tracks is their movement towards using Alex Vargas (as opposed to Bedford). This was also first noticeable in their live acoustic sets. I have a bias towards Richard Bedford’s tonality but Alex Vargas voice actually fits the uplifting and optimistic sound of Blue Sky Action. His voice actually aligns with the way the music consistently lifts you up. I dare you to play this song and not crack a smile. It reminds you of summer, fresh air and positive feels!

There is the critique on the web from some hardcore Above & Beyond fans that this track is less of “trance” and more of pop. To put things bluntly, it can be said that this track sounds almost too commercial. However, if you listen to the Club Mix versus the Radio Edit, I think the pop-ness of the beat actually isn’t there and can be something you can dance to right though the late hours.

However, I honestly do not necessarily agree with the idea of being pop (ie. Pop-ular) is necessarily a bad thing for EDM tracks. Maybe it’s just that the trance trio just knows how to create melodies and tracks that resonate with a lot of people on an emotional level. There is a special kind of magic there when artists can tap into your emotions and bring them out no matter how you are currently feeling.

At the end of the day, it should be about how the track makes you feel. And now, with the eve of summer upon us I recommend that you pick up some Blue Sky Action by Above & Beyond and create the last bit of summer memories before winter is upon us. That way, whenever you listen to this uplifting track – you will always feel a little bit more positive that those blue skies are just around the corner.

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