TRACK REVIEW: Mord Fustang – Drivel



The long hiatus of Mord Fustang has finally come to an end. The Estonia producer gave us a small teaser of his new single Drivel only a week ago, and the full track is now on SoundCloud! It has that signature Fustang sound and melodic build, with Electro synths that leave you no choice but to agree with those arpeggios and trills. Same style; new melody.

You can buy Drivel NOW on Beatport!

Before this track, the last time Mord Fustang put anything out was in February 2013 with the single Taito, which was decent. Nothing happened after that, and fans were left in the dark until now. I couldn’t be any more excited for his future releases. Not to mention Mord Fustang posted on Facebook this month saying he’s back on the road and asking fans which cities he should hit while on tour. If you’re a fan, make sure you tell him to hit up Toronto! Keep your eyes open because EDM TOR is all over it!


Mord Fustang

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