TRACKS: dirtybird Announces “Introducing Aaron Snapes” EP OUT NOW


Aaron Snapes – a veritable UK tech funk dynamo – has been simmering on Claude VonStroke’s radar since he jumped out of the crowd at Stealth Club in Nottingham about 4 years ago with his flash drive full of demos. They have stayed in touch ever since with Claude recognizing the skill and providing small notes and advice along the way. It wasn’t until last year that he really caught the full attention of the entire dirtybird collective with his massive re-fix of Mr Oizo’s iconic Flat Eric, not to mention some extremely strong appearances on the bubbling Perfect Driver imprint.

Here we find him making his dirtybird debut with two spotless additions to his party portfolio. The bubble-jack slap-attack Panther ignites with a series of soft subs before dropping into a loopy, choppy robovox hook and a strutting drum dynamic that chugs with raw sonic muscle. While most panthers purr and prowl, this one clouts and howls with rich low-end elements and absurdly chunky beats. Dig deeper for the rush-rinsed tech funk jam Space Bass. Wherein a bulbous flurry of basses lick and tickle beneath a series of teasing techy risers before dropping into an icy sea of breezy chords. Complete with a sub-narrative of mischievous loop trickery, every element of the groove is laden with intricate detail.

Two pristine produced tracks, one incredibly hot talent to keep strict tabs on: Aaron Snapes’ reputation is developing with every single release… and this is his biggest to date.


DB-114 // Aaron Snapes – Introducing Aaron Snapes
Available on The Birdhouse: August 29th, 2014
Available on Beatport: September 1st, 2014
Available WorldWide: September 16th, 2014


1) Panther
2) Space Bass


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