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Northern California producer Bleep Bloop is pushing boundaries in the EDM scene, using his own style to create a new genre called Bass Surrealism, or otherwise called Outer Space Bass. Saturated Records Presents Bleep Bloop’s Feels the Cosmos. He takes the Trap genre to a whole new level, by adding abstract sounds and creating a sense of space from what started as a very 2-dimentional genre to what now sounds like “Bass dipped in liquid questions marks rolled in lazers.”

With the support of artists like Boise Noize, DJ Shadow, Minnesota, G Jones, and many more, it’s no wonder his music is finally reaching people around the globe, and clearly he aims for it to reach many ears around the universe too.

Something Impossible starts off with a narration about deep truth and possibilities, then reels us into a dramatic trap build that utilizes powerful percussion and compliments it with weird rain drop sounds. The contrast is very refreshing.

Bats has a very smooth approach with its synths and uses percussion sounds of what resonances tin cans and rain sticks, then eases into high pitch bat calls and whistles. It’s really different and incomparable against anything you’d ever hear in a club or on the radio. The melody mixes up into dissonant patterns at some points well done change-ups.

Mosquito has an eerie sound that sounds paranormal or spooky. Think of that mosquito ringtone that people have on their phones; a high pitch frequency that’s really annoying and sounds like a bug buzzing in your ear. Bleep Bloop plays with this sound and turns it into a melody. He scratches with the texture and overlaps them ontop of each other, then gives you an insane amount of bass to go with it. It’s very hip hop inspired, but mostly very electronic.

Hovercraft gives that outer space feeling, and paints the picture of a spaceship hovering right over your head. There are lots of wubbs, lazers, noises, and traces of dubstep in this track. You can hear at this point in the album that the listener is being taken on a journey and this is definitely the point of lift off. The melody itself sounds nerdy and almost video-game-esque.

Feel the Cosmos is probably the best track on the album. You can hear the hovercraft powering down which leads into weird ambient vocals, possibly aliens? The entire theme is very consistent throughout the album, and is especially prominent here. Bleep Bloop’s samples some techno sounds that sound like an old school video game, but keeping that trappy bass and smeared vocals with choppy edits. This track definitely highlights how Bleep Bloop separates himself from any other producer.

Sentinel has a more aggressive feel, with static wubs and empowering synths. It almost has a deep house feel, which brings some diversity among the album. But we can still hear the techno elements as it sounds like Bleep Bloop is driving us through space and shooting lazers at possible enemies.

Death Rattle is an awesome track that starts off with a simple short wub and eventually echoes with coils and almost middle-eastern sounds. Although the track is fairly simple, it depicts a lot of depth and eventually picks up at a speed that’s comparable to drum-step. It’s effective use of sampling and effects proves that Bleep Bloop is not producing for the sake of filling up space, but that every track has something different to offer.

Between Violet and Red starts off with slow melodic synths and fades into chimes and weird echos. The drums kick in and the melody comes back. The Hip-hop feels signifies some sort of return to home, wherever that is.

1. Something Impossible
2. Bats
3. Mosquito
4. Hovercraft
5. Feel the Cosmos
6. Sentinel (feat. G Jones)
7. Death Rattle
8. Between Violet and Red

You can make a small donation for the album HERE, or download it for free.

Bleep Bloop is currently touring in America right now but keep an eye out for when he hits Canada to promote this new album.


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