ALBUMS: Anthony Rother to release “Verbalizer” on 17-10-14


No room for paralyzing thoughts. Instead, there is just music. The body obeys only the bass rhythm pulsating through the room. That is what ravers talk about when they explain what synthetic club music means to them. This is exactly what “Verbalizer” is all about, the new album by Anthony Rother on his new label Nextdata.

The club is an abstract room. It is about letting yourself go. People break free, meet each other and the music becomes the common clock. At one point, Rother calls this process “the dramatic composition of ecstasy”, but cannot stop himself from grinning when he says this. “With “Verbalizer”, people are simply meant to have fun. I was standing in a club and suddenly felt the sound for this album.”

“Verbalizer” has a dynamizing effect in the room, without diverting into the intellectual. It is the story, the moment and the dawning adventure of a dancing society, somewhere in this world. “I was looking for an expanding sound. Here, it was important how I drew this sound from the synthesizers in my studio so that in the process a force emerged that was able to make everything to do with the world and everyday life seem unimportant” says Rother, explaining the hedonistic approach of “Verbalizer”.

By nature, club tracks like these do without narrative content. Nevertheless, they make the hearer live – or better still, dance – through their very own story. “Some of my previous albums have a sophisticated concept. In contrast, “Verbalizer” changes the perspective completely: the content and what results from the album lies in the physical, the inexpressible.” In summary: “Verbalizer” – in order to understand, one should party the album.

01. Next
02. Syncope
03. Digby
04. Fire Viber
05. Invader
06. Truthmaker
07. Monophonia
08. Logical
09. Buffer Breaker
10. Man from Space


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