EP REVIEW: Rusko’s EP “!” is like a Boss!


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Here’s something for you that can’t be put into one specific subgenre; Rusko‘s EP “!” brings something new to the table for your electronic loving ears. The first track, Like a Boss has elements of funk, dub, glitch hop, hip hop, and grime. Sunshower sounds like an uplifting electronic track with trills, samples of violins, and melodic techno components. While other tracks like My Style have  a combination of a saxophone blaring in the back and a trap approach to the funky feels that makes you want to roll your shoulders back and groove to the beat. Happy Chords sounds really indie and complex, yet still maintaining hints of trap percussion and structure to the tracks. Rusko Theme starts with a jazzy progression on the piano, and leads into a wubby electronic synth that layers perfectly ontop with a funky bass and progressive percussion.


Every track on this EP is different and it’s easy to hear that Rusko enjoyed the process of producing these tracks and adding elements of jazz to give current electronic music the amount of funky it needs.

01 – Like A Boss
02 – Sunshower
03 – My Style
04 – Happy Chords
05 – Rusko Theme

Rusko was recently at the Hoxton right here in Toronto on Friday, October 3rd, 2014 with local DJ Hydee! The event was filled with lots of dubstep, bass, and funk! Rusko comes through Toronto pretty often, so keep your eyes out for the next event!

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