EVENT REVIEW: The Unofficial ABGT100 Pre-Party with Jaytech and FluX at Toika 16-10-14


This past Thursday, October 16th, Toika hosted the unofficial ABGT100 pre-party with FluX and Jaytech. Presented by Ozmozis Events, Zero Fox Entertainment, and Black Sunset Music, the event was small and intimate. The turnout was small, most likely due to it being a weekday, and the fact that some of the attendees for ABGT100 in NYC had already left. However, both performers and attendees who were there (including myself) had a great time – I also left with a new producer in my repertoire to follow.

I haven’t been to Toika since the major renovations, but I quickly got used to the new layout. I much prefer the wider and shorter floor space, and the new “behind-DJ” screen is gorgeous.

FluX’s set was from 10 – 12, and he really held it down. While known for being diverse with his sets (Techno and Drum and Bass are some other of his other strong suits), tonight he played some really appropriate Trance, which paved the way for Jaytech at midnight.

Before I wasn’t a follower of Australian producer Jaytech, but now I am. His sound is exactly the kind of stuff I’m in to: Trance with Progressive and Electro influences. Some tracks heard that night included Spheres by Ilan Bluestone, and Satellite (Chacon Remix) by Hi-Hack. We were also treated to a bunch of Jaytech productions, including Under Your Cloud (Jaytech Remix) by Myon & Shane 54 featuring Late Night Alumni, Arrival, Stranger feat. Steve Smith, Your Secret’s Safe (Jaytech Remix) by Julie Thompson feat. Super8 & Tab, as well as his newest track with Super8 & Tab called Code Red.

After FluX closed the night off at 2 a.m. with some heavier Trance, I was left in good spirits. It was a small-scale, wonderful night that will have me coming back to Toika for more.

I highly recommend checking out Jaytech’s Anjunabeats Worldwide mix below, as it gives a great idea of his sound.

Anjunabeats Worldwide 368 with Jaytech and Super8 & Tab by Anjunabeats on Mixcloud





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