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What? Did I hear this right? Hardwell is coming back to the city! This is true, Hardwell along with Dutch DJ Dannic are playing Arrow Hall in Mississauga on November 1st. The “I Am Hardwell” tour is going across North America and you can bet to your bottom dollar that mayhem will ensue. Get ready for something to blow your mind, cause I’m sure both Dannic and Hardwell will leave you speechless.  There are more than 5 reasons to see Hardwell this November, but here are our

Top 5 reasons to go see Hardwell at Arrow Hall:

1. It’s Hardwell. He has played Canada before and to much acclaim. Just to be in the audience while he is playing is such an imaginative roller coaster. To see him live is just an experience in and of itself and so to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity there’s no excuse. I will be grabbing my dance shoes and seeing you there as well.

2. In October of 2013 his documentary “I Am Hardwell” premiered. He is one of the few DJs that has a documentary based upon him and at his age, he is nowhere close to being stopped yet. This shows you that he has the staying power among the greats and that he is only rising in stardom, he is nowhere close to being done. Seeing him on tour, you will understand why Hardwell is just so popular and has such a loyal fan base.

3. Hardwell hails from the same town as Tiësto and also Dannic. Which goes to show that the Netherlands are doing something right when it comes to DJ-ing and producing some of the greatest talent in the world, not only that but also the biggest names. You have to see Hardwell on tour, swhy, just to know this man shares his country with the likes of so many legendary DJ’s and producers, shows the greatness of what is yet to come.

4. For the second year in a row Hardwell tops DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ poll! He is the youngest DJ to top the poll. . He started DJing at the age of 12 and by the age of 13 he was playing in clubs throughout Netherlands as well as he signed to a record label. He is dedicated to his music and this is seen when he’s tour because the energy from him is like no one I’ve ever seen before.

5. He went on to perform at the main stage of Tomorrowland, and of this year that performance was on the most watched live DJ set on YouTube for over a year. I get a week or a month, but a solid year this man dominated YouTube with his live DJ set. Not only is it one of the biggest festivals in the world but him playing Tomorrowland just shows how huge Hardwell is. So to see Hardwell on tour, you’ll see why his DJ sets are to live for and the sheer brilliance that comes from his set.

Hardwell’s I am Hardwell World Tour will be in Toronto on Saturday November 1 at Arrow Hall at the International Centre, with supporting act Dannic. Tickets have been online for ages. The International Centre is located at 6900 Airport Road, near the Toronto Pearson International Airport.





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