EVENT REVIEW: TBC presents LOW FREQUENCY November 2014


I was worried how torturous my commute to Toika Lounge would be on the heaviest snowfall Toronto experienced in November 2014.

Instead of taking a disco nap I watched Disney‘s Anastasia, sipped on some room temperature water while reading the posts about weather, accidents and the slow moving TTC. It was also the first time I was attending a LOW FREQUENCY event where I didn’t ride my bike so I had to take my red and white limo (the TTC) to my destination. Other than not being able to experience the freedom of cycling, my spirits were high and I was in a magical mood.

Realizing it was later than I wanted to leave, I scrambled out the door and arrived just past 10:45 p.m. Not bad. Later than I wanted to arrive but the GTA was slow moving with varying degrees of caution for everyone. I wasn’t the only member of Toronto Bass Community that was slow moving.

Walking through the snow-filled parking lot I wasn’t sure how the night would pan out but I was ready to dance and get out the wind. Dearest Moe, the security, was in his usual cheerful self joking with patrons as he checked their IDs at the door. I’m not sure if the green and red lights have always been moving as you walk down the short hallways, but it was a nice touch as the bass hit you flat in your face.

After saying hello to Justin and Rochelle, getting my coat situated and after a quick glance around the room, it looked like I had the dance floor to myself, with a few onlookers. Fine by me, but I wished I would have stretched a bit more to really let loose. The DJs would be appearing in a different order than was advertised on the event group as the weather had greater impact on traffic outside the downtown core. Fine by me, I was ready to tear up the dance floor.

First up was Solid State Death Machine (SSDM). There are so many great things I love about Toika when the bass fam takes over. It’s great to see past DJs/producers who have played a Low Frequency come out and support their fellow comrades. Ventura and Thrizzo were doing their thing while Will Summerball had control of the dance floor.


SSDM did go hard, playing a mix of Dubstep and including Centipede and Earthquake. It was great to see past DJs who have played at Low Frequency show their support. One half of Ventura and Thrizzo were in attendance as more people slowly trickled in from the cold. Centipede and Earthquake were two of tracks played before SSDM hit the crowd with some Drum and Bass.

An influx of people came around 11:30 p.m. as Drillfist took to the decks. It was about this time I was asked to help out at the door. I was more than happy to lend a hand to an organization who has done a great service to the bass community. I had the coveted job as stamp girl for the rest of the night.

A word of advice for anyone who goes out to bars/clubs/lounges where stamps are involved: get stamped on the inside of your wrist. Why you may ask? There are several reasons, two off the top of my head: it’s a flat surface (much easier to stamp) and  you don’t have to explain to anyone why you have a stamp on the back of your hand the next day if you haven’t had time to shower. Ultimately, it’s a pet peeve so I thought I would pass the message on.

I had the best dance spot throughout the night, the hallway. The move proved to be a plus as I had a large amount of dance room where not too many people bothered me and I could practice some dance moves in peace. I wasn’t sure if my ears were playing a trick on me or not but I could hear the opening to Cloudburning by Feed Me featuring Tasha Baxter. I was in heaven.

After asking someone if they have seen AgNO3 just as he walked into the door. After a quick hello and a story of his journey to Tokia, Sterling took to the decks just past 12:30 a.m. Continuing on the vibes SSDM and Drillfist created, Sterling Hauser also gravitated towards Drum and Bass, which no one complained about.

Dirty Vibe, Ruffneck (Full Flex), Flume‘s Tennis Court remix and Jaguar by What So Not were some tracks played. Of course I was having a smoke as Innocence was mixed into AgNO3’s set. Made it back to my stamp duty as Strange Behavior was playing through the speakers.

Doors closed a short time after DJ Alrighty Then took to the decks to close out the night. Huge kudos to Drew Assoon for sticking around all night as he was supposed to take the first DJ slot.  Free from stamp duty, I was able to move back to the dance floor. Upon returning my hips fell into a steady swing as DJ Alrighty Then settled into his set.

Starting off with Trap then moving into calmer vibes, DJ Alrighty Then created the perfect environment to end your night on a high note. The likes of Sean Paul, OutKast‘s Ms Jackson and Future featuring Pharrell Williams and Pusha T – Move That Dope took me from a more aggressive mind frame to one where I wanted to

Highlight of the evening was hearing Shabba by A$AP Ferg featuring A$AP Rocky. There is something about this song that makes my inner wild child come free. I resisted the temptation to really let loose on dance floor, instead I settled for a steady lean. The lights were turned on signalling it was time to wrap up the night.

DJ Alrighty Then kept spinning and wrapped up the night with How Many Drinks by Miguel which released me from my trance and I realized I would soon have to face the cold, windy night. Gathering my belongings and say goodnight to everyone I made my way out the door from the now silent venue. Big ups to Toronto Bass Community and to the bass family for another solid edition of LOW FREQUENCY.

If you still haven’t had the pleasure of attending LOW FREQUENCY you are in luck. The last one of the year is  Wednesday December 17, 2014 at Toika Lounge. Migz, Seek, Hydee and Itek will be taking us on a journey all night long. $10 Cover or $5 with student ID before 11:30 p.m. You can find the Facebook event HERE.



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