INTERVIEW: Catching up with Lange, Fall 2014 by Jeet Ghoshal


On October 3, 2014, Ryze played host to two Trance legends; Andy Moor and Lange. I had the pleasure of being able to steal a few moments from Lange’s busy schedule to conduct an interview.

Lange was born in Shrewsbury on June 4, 1974. His music career began in 1997 when he was 23 years old, signing his first contract with Additive Records. His early success was assisted by the likes of Paul van Dyk, Sasha, Paul Oakenfold and Judge Jules, legends to this very day.

Lange’s productions gained popularity for their melodic, slow build-ups and emotionally charged choruses. He has cemented his place among the trance elites with his consistently high-quality stylings, many of which have made his name a commonplace in every corner of the world. Lange is currently on tour promoting his second album, the follow up to “Better Late Than Never”, aptly titled “We Are Lucky People“. As such, I was lucky enough to be able to steal a few moments out of his busy schedule to ask him a few questions.

1. We just saw you at Zero Fox Entertainment’s event at RYZE in October, B2B with Andy for about 3 hours! Tell us about the event from your perspective.
It was a great night, as always in Toronto!Was good to play out a few new remixes from my forthcoming “We Are Lucky People Remixed” album and of course to play B2B with my good friend Mr Moor!

2. What do you like about spinning B2B with Andy?
We have a good understanding of each other’s set styles and seem to compliment each other so from a performance point of view it’s always worked well. We don’t plan the B2B’s or know what the other will spring on us which is always more fun and touring with Andy is always a blast!

3. You are releasing a new track (or it may be out already and I am behind!) with Andy Moor, can you tell us about it?
Our last collab Top Of The World was released in September, and featured vocals by Fenja (aka Jaren Cerf). We’ll no doubt be back in the studio together to work on something again soon.

4. The UK trance artists are killing it right now, is there anyone we would be watching out for, that is coming up over there?
One to keep an eye on is Stephen Kirkwood from Scotland. he’s been delivering some stunning tracks on Lange Recordings. Listen out for his next one called The Blitz.

5. If you could add anything to your life to make it easier, what would it be?
An 8th day to the week!

6. Can you explain why many artists have their own record label, but also release music on other labels?
Releasing on various labels increases an artists reach as you tap into the labels fanbase and network.

7. Congratulations on such a successful podcast, Intercity, which is now reaching 200 episodes. What do you think has contributed to the success of your podcast?
Thanks, I don’t know exactly! I’ve always allowed the podcast to encompass music from the whole scene rather than being too specific with the sound, so perhaps that’s given it wider appeal.

8. Do you have anything planned for the 200th episode?
Yes I do! I’ll be taking over Afterhours FM for a whole 24 hours with guest mixes from some of the scene’s finest Djs including Paul Van Dyk, Markus Schulz, Paul Oakenfold, Ferry Corsten, Andy Moor, John O’Callaghan, Andrew Rayel etc. Last year’s Intercity 150 hit the no.1 worldwide trend on Twitter, and ended up trending some 13 hours total, really looking forward to this years celebration!

9. Between touring, hosting the radio show, producing, and everything else, it seems like DJs and producers never sleep or never have any down time. How do you manage your time your personal life?
Yeah, it can be difficult juggling time and I don’t have that much downtime. Having a very supportive wife and a great team behind me is essential, couldn’t do it without them!

10. What’s next for Lange?
Nov 3rd see’s the release of ‘We Are Lucky People Remixed’. The CD version is a non-stop soundscape mix of the remixes and the digital version also has all the full length versions + a couple of bonus remixes. Remixers include John O’Callaghan, Protoculture, Ronski Speed, Alex Morph, 4 strings etc.

11. Do you have anything you want to say to your Toronto fans?
Thanks for the support, hope you enjoy the new album, and see you again soon!

Lange’s speech is just as eloquent as his music. His passion for this craft is clearly evident through every word that is spoken. Lange has been a household name and a tremendous influence on the dance music scene for decades, it is quite obvious from speaking with him that he is just as passionate as the day he started. The passion he has carries through and allows him to leave a trail of success and beautiful music that will be every lasting. It was an honour and pleasure to speak with a juggernaut of trance and anyone who is anyone should definitely take the time to experience his art whenever they get the opportunity.



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