TRACK REVIEW: Ronski Speed feat. Lucy Saunders – Calm Before the Storm (Original mix)


This evening, it is my pleasure to review the brand spanking new track by Ronski Speed featuring the tantalizing vocals of Lucy Saunders titled Calm Before the Storm. Ronski Speed’s style is unique; fusing the uplifting vocals and melodies Trance lovers crave with a dark, muted tone bringing forth pieces that get you belting out the lyrics while emotionally charging your feet on the dance floor.

Calm Before the Storm is no different. Turning to Lucy Saunders, the vocalist for the smash hit and instant Trance classic, Sanctuary by Gareth Emery, Ronski Speed is able to utilize the full extent of the tools in his production lab along with the perfect vocals to put forth a magnificent and powerful track.

It immediately opens with a dark, heavy bass line to get your feet moving and your head bobbing; all the while, the vocals of Lucy Saunders pulling at your heart strings. The dark, ominous tone of the track is immediately apparent. It is not until the build-up to the first chorus where you hear the first major chords that give the track an uplifting air. The chorus and first break down remind me of Sanctuary—melodic, energetic, with a bass line strong enough to support all of the different layers of harmonious synthetic sounds overlapping each other.

It’s unfortunate that the song is only three minutes and thirty-one seconds. I would love to hear the various build-ups, break-downs and, of course, the vocals stretched out over a five to eight minute period with a clear intro and outro. I’m sure an extended version will follow, making the track easier to mix into a set. Until then, this is a song that many trance lovers can turn to, to get their fix of emotional trance. I can see this song working perfectly in the sets of almost anyone and everyone, whether that be Armin van Buuren, Cosmic Gate, Alex M.O.R.P.H., or any other master of Trance.

Ronski Speed has done an excellent job of creating a track that hits the fundamental characteristics that make trance such a popular genre among many, which is why Ronski Speed has been, and will continue to be an artist I look to for cutting edge trance productions.

You can stream the song on SoundCloud or purchase the track via Beatport


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