EVENT REVIEW: Zeds Dead @ Kool Haus 20-12-14


Electronic Nation presents the very last annual Kool Haus show for Zeds Dead, also being their last stop on their latest tour Somewhere Else”, in promotion of their new EP.

With the 3 sold out Dvbbs shows that week leading up to the Zeds Dead show, I was pleased to see all the kiddies tired out in time for the weekend, leaving more room for the Bass Heads of Toronto to jam out to their favourite local artists one last time before the Guvernment complex closes its doors forever.

I arrived relatively late, stood in the long line just like everyone else, and although it moved at a decent pace in the cold, I was eager to get inside and catch Hunter Siegel who never fails to put on a good set. He played a good variety, some tech, deep house, and retro future tracks. I was won over when he dropped OK by Shiba San. It’s tracks like that which make everyone stop simultaneously and scream YES!

The venue was filled with a more mature/experienced audience, and I say this with confidence because I saw people using their manners, which was refreshing and definitely impacted the evening.

Zeds Dead came on soon after and started with the epic movie track from 2001: a Space Odyssey Strauss Also Sprach Zarathustra. They had the crowd screaming before they dropped anything EDM related. They’re that good, that they didn’t need to. With such a grand opening, Zeds Dead had us all wondering how they would end their Grand Finale. They played their remix of Lies by Marina and the Diamonds, and they had the crowd screaming the lyrics for Where Are You Now and Lost You.

The best part of the evening was when they did the live rendition of Collapse with live vocals by Jenna Pemkowski. Not only was the majority of their set with original tracks or their own remixes, but to have live vocals from their latest EP? Toronto really is a special city to receive such a treat. That track was really magical and contrasted the heavy dubstep so beautifully.

Zeds Dead showed a lot of diversity and proved themselves extremely relevant in the scene. They played a new unreleased deep house track, a collaboration with Oliver Heldens. The ground was shaking when it dropped, and all the shufflers in the back went all in. At other points of the night, I heard some trap, some moobahton, some twerk, and everything in between was dubstep. They gave us a taste of everything so that if you didn’t like one genre they played, you could still appreciate it because it was mixed so well and kept the set interesting.

They closed with their remix of the Jack U remix Take U there, and had the crowd begging for more.

This show was my 6th time seeing Zeds Dead since Osheaga 2012, and I have to say it honestly was their best yet. It even beat their set on the main stage at Electric Forest this year in front of 35,000 people and on my 21st birthday… just to help you imagine the bar they’ve set. And they topped it! Zeds Dead is breaking boundaries here, and they are to be commended for their hard work and their (zeds) DEADication.

See you at the next Bass event Toronto!


Zeds Dead

Serafina Thoma – EDM TOR


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