TRACK REVIEW: Flight Facilities – Two Bodies (Lido Remix) by Keanu Jones


Norwegian producer Lido posted this track on his SoundCloud and it’s an amazing remix of Flight Facilities’ song Two Bodies. Slowed down and about three minutes longer than the original version, this is probably as wicked as a trip on the feels train gets. This edit goes in a different direction and gets you rolling with those same smooth, clear and  touching vocals paired with elegant piano chords that grip your throat throughout the whole ride, not to mention a looming bass-line that seems to change the landscape of the song as it progresses. It evolves and pulses waves of emotion at every turn, especially when the percussion finally creeps in and vacuums the air from your lungs. The replay value on this remix is endless; it makes you want to sing along because it feels more intimate than the original. This is a track you definitely have to give a try even if slow songs aren’t your usual thing. It will surprise you if you give it a chance. Remember, Lido also releases songs as Trippy Turtle as well if you didn’t know, so there is some food for thought.

You can stream this song on SoundCloud for free, buy it on iTunes or Beatport, and for the true music fiends, you can order the 12” vinyl of the the original version that includes an extended mix, this remix and remixes from HNNY and Rob Wruhme respectively. The vinyl was released last month on Future Classic Records of Australia. I’m ordering my copy of the vinyl edition now. I’ve decided that this would be a good song to listen to at the end of the world when no electricity is readily available. I hope you guys enjoy the music!

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Flight Facilities

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