TRACK REVIEW: F3tto – Drop That A$$


F3tto is an artist that has been making leaps and bounds within his own lane since his arrival in the scene and has established his own style that has captured his fans and is now beginning to gain a little more steam worldwide. One of his latest releases Drop That A$$ on Uprise Music is part of his expansion as an artist. It’s a heavy bass laced trap song that waltzes back and forth between the borderline of the bouncy Amsterdam Trap and the slow crawling Southern Trap style that you might expect a rapper to be throwing his verse on. The masterful tempo changes matched with crisp percussion and thunderous bass lines and refreshing synths are what makes this tune a pleasure to listen to.

It clocks in at about three and a half minutes, but in my opinion it’s a dirty enough track that it should be longer. I can only imagine what it would be like to experience one of his live shows where he incorporates his drumming, songs like this one can only get more awesome with live instruments. F3tto was one of the artists to watch for 2014 and I’m going to keep an eye on him for this year as well; but I digress, this song and many others of his are available to be streamed on SoundCloud and you can download it on Beatport, iTunes or SoundCloud. Happy listening, guys!



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