EDITORIAL: 3 Reasons Why You Should Secure Your Projek: SPOR Tickets Now


Aside from the more obvious reasons to snag tickets now like the fact that Embrace, Destiny and BNE Events have teamed up for Projek: Spor, so its going to be wild ride! Just like all the past Projek events, there are reasonably priced tickets online. Here’s 5 reasons why you need to hop on getting tickets for this event ASAP.

1. It’s going down at CODA Nightclub;

Coda is arguably one of the best venues in Toronto with its PK sound system and their layout being spacious with places to cool off, making for good vibes all around. It’s been the home of many noteworthy and one-of-a-kind events like Cashmere Cat‘s return to Toronto and just recently played host to Pleasurekraft as well. There’s always a friendly crowd at CODA so you couldn’t paint a better scene for a show like this unless it happens to be on one of those nice, cool summer nights so that we can all can dry off after working up a sweat.

2. Few artists actually pull of alternate “personas” without loss of quality & Spor has now joined the club;

If you didn’t already know Spor is Feed Me‘s alternate ego, and in addition to his usual complex, laced, wobble-tastic sound, he’s built to make songs like One Click Headshot & Time For Myself.

He’s taken the time since Feed Me’s “Psychedelic Journeys” release to sit back and express himself  another way through a very well-rounded drum and bass release as Spor with “The Caligo EP”. This 13-piece collection of tracks shows a new side of John Gooch as he flexes his dexterity and touches all the dnb bases with some newer vibes, liquid and jungle all being represented in turn with his own twist on things bringing a lot of effort into this solid release.

Making a debut appearance under a new alias usually calls for a well crafted set because its not very often that you get to have a second first impression. Naysayers to his overall ability as an artist will most likely be silenced by the end of this set.

3.  There’s ample time to book off work and get a crew together;

Its scheduled to be a month from now taking place July 18th, 2015 at 10 PM. There is no real reason why you can’t make an alarm on your phone to remind you to ask your boss for the day(s) off that you need or finding a co-worker to switch shifts with you. There are people who are coming from all over  just because his other stops don’t reach their cites: if they can do it so can you. In addition to going online to buy a ticket, you can find a legit Destiny promoter and grab hard tickets (if and when they are available). The best way to get more info is by posting any questions on the official event page.

For fans of Feed Me and those who want to see him in a new light, or for someone who just wants to get their dnb fix with a rare opportunity, this is an easy way to access some great live music this summer. This projek event is just one of the many jewels that the season holds.

I hope to see a lot of familiar faces as well as some new ones on the dancefloor!|





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