EVENT PREVIEW: Progressive Monkey presents 1200 MICS 23-05-15


As the temperatures rise on the east coast Progressive Monkey is adding to the heat by bringing the legends of psytrance, 1200 Mics (1200 Micrograms) to Toronto at Li’ly Lounge on the 23rd of May, 2015 to play a special two hour set. For the ones who are oblivious to who 1200 Mics are; they are a group of two halves: one half is Sajahan Natkin and Joe Quinteros from GMS and the other half is Ron Rothfield (Raja Ram) and Chicago.

GMS has been active on the psytrance scene since 1995 while Raja Ram and Chicago go way back to the 80’s and still continue to amaze the audience of today. Raja Ram is associated with many successful psychedelic musical acts like Quintessence, Shpongle, The Mystery of the Yeti, The Infinity Project, The Zap!, Cyberbabas while DJ Chicago has been playing around the world from the biggest festivals to the more humble venues like Li’ly Lounge; which is the proud host of this remarkable event. GMS has created music to which many generations of ravers have let their hair down and opened their minds. So, to realize that 1200 Mics is a unification of these four minds collaborating to create music is mind blowing to say the least.


DJ Chicago is known to play powerful and high BPM sets ranging from progressive psytrance to full-on; and this night won’t be any different for the master as far as things behind the deck are concerned. However, the dance floor will be a unique one as Toronto psyheads will come well rested to dance the Saturday night away.

Supporting DJ Chicago throughout the night will be Sara Dopstar, Psyslim and Lumen (Live).

Sara will bring her bag of melodies with her while Psyslim will bring his versatile collection of music along; which, in my experience has a wide variety of psychedelic sounds. Lumen will bring his originals along with the remixes and other psychedelic audible goodies as he has been doing the past few months at the Progressive Monkey events.

Mark the date and tie those shoelaces tight on your dancing shoes before you get on the floor as this is going to be one epic night of smiling and dancing. In the words of masters themselves, Let’s Get This Party Started.

To check out the buzz around the event and to RSVP go to the Facebook event page here.

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1200 Mics (1200 Micrograms)


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