EVENT PREVIEW: ZODIAC – GEMINI – Southwild, Søren Nordström, and more @ Round Venue 31-05-15


As the Sun entered the Gemini constellation in the past week, The Zodiac Collective is setting up base at Round Venue, Toronto for the 5th edition of the monthly Zodiac series on 31st May 2015, a warm Sunday evening to host a well traveled – literally and figuratively – soundscape artist Southwild who’s just returning after months of gigs in Europe, South America and India. This gathering is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. and set to go until 2 a.m. this Monday.

Southwild is Jay, an electronic music producer from the south(wild) Black-Forest in Germany, who, with his friend Ralph, founded the psychedelic trance project Rastaliens a decade ago. Southwild is Jay’s latest psychedelic adventure that began in 2010 when he joined the UK based well established psytrance label Wildthings records.

Southwild is known to play psytrance sets that would set every atom in the vicinity into meditative vibration as the set flows from soundscape to soundscape. Expect some pure Goa psytrance and dark forest sounds layered with heart-thumping beats from this one. To confirm the same you can visit his Soundcloud.

Supporting Southwild in his shamanic mission during the evening will be local soldiers Søren Nordström, Kadmon, Mythrophan, Shankar.

The evening will have something for everyone as the line up of DJs is beautifully assorted for a sunny evening to progress into the dark of the night. The genres range from techno to progressive to Goa to full-on to dark to twilight.  Rest assured it’ll all be to put you into a state of psychedelic trance.

Visual pleasures for the mind will be provided by Sound Advice and FollowTheRabbit while artwork by Yehudah H Cullman will also be on display; and these are just the ones that are announced already. There just might be more visual psychedelia if The Zodiac Collective chooses to surprise us as they have in the past.

If the previous four editions of Zodiac are anything to go by you do not want to miss this event for that Sunday family dinner on the patio or whatever it is that occupies you on a warm Sunday evening in the Spring. Hope to see you finding yourself on the dance floor!

To checkout the buzz around the event and to RSVP click here.

Tickets are only available at the door for $20.00.




Southwild (Wildthings records)


Søren Nordström (Ektoplazm)


Kadmon (One Love Movement)


Mythrophan (Space GOAt)


Shankar (Aerodromme/Shakti Collective)


Nikhil Khedkar – EDM TOR


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