TRACK REVIEW: “G-Bass” by Maddmon


Local Toronto producer Maddmon released what has the potential to be the biggest g-house track of the summer. G-Bass sounds like GoHard in a sense, but screams Toronto nightlife. The synths wobble and the bass is deep enough to evoke an instant head-bob. Listening to this makes me want to embrace whatever the city throws at me and go on an adventure. This track is free for download so support your local artists!

After tracks like Feels, which has a dark, nu-disco vibe, and Underground which is more hard-hitting and progressive, Maddmon is establishing himself really well. Both those tracks are on Major League Recordings, which also showcase other local artists like Cartel (who previously played at No Neon) and Alex Gunby from Hamilton!

Maddmon also released a deep house track a couple months ago, called, This Could be Love, which is perfect for the summer weather that’s heading our way. The fact that this producer can make all these different variations of house so well is beyond what most producers can comprehend. I’m really excited to see this guy take off with his versatile talent.

Maddmon can be seen often at The Hoxton at any dark plur, No Neon, g-house, or electro-house event. If you recognize him, make sure you thank him for the awesome free music! He’s planning a few more tracks to come, so keep your eyes and ears open.





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