TRACK REVIEW: Kaiser Souzai – Phangan Kobayashi


Recently released on Ballroom, Kaiser Souzai‘s debut EP Phangan is 3 tracks expertly woven together to create a haunting, ethereal approach to tech-house. This Berlin-based duo, made up of Markus Kaiser and Alex Souzai, have carved their own niche somewhere between dark tech, synth loaded electronica and artrock techno gigantism. They are also regularly seen rising through the top 10 lists of electronic music selling portals like Beatport.

Phangan Kobayashi greets the listener with hell-driven drums paired with a steady rolling bass. These guys have mastered the art of creating space in music, and this track is very much one that you want  to listen to with the lights off. The progression throughout is flawless and the sounds undeniably chilling as they transport the listener to the world of the shadows.

 Check out the rest of the EP here:


Kaiser Souzai


Kayla LePage – EDMTOR


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