TRACK REVIEW: Thomas Datt – Across The Edge (John Dopping Void)


NYC-based producer Thomas Datt recently released a beautiful trance piece on Discover Records called Across The Edge, filled with uplifting vibes and a hopeful atmosphere this song taps into one’s emotions easily. The comforting percussion leads you into airy synths that help melt away your worries, only for you to be kicked back into the full speed of things at the climax. This is the type of feel good tune that you would listen to on long drives, or for when you just want to dance to express yourself. That is one of the best things about trance music.

Spawned from this release was Thomas Datt – Across The Edge (John Dopping Void). UK producer John Dopping created a really high energy track in comparison to the original version. It starts off with a eerie sample from the original which gives it a darker and harder feel, but the level of emotion is never lost throughout. That last part is what I like most about this remix.

Listen to the track below, and make sure to CLICK HERE and buy it on Beatport to support!


Thomas Datt

John Dopping


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