INTERVIEW: Kyau & Albert on Luminosity and Euphonic Records


German Producers and Euphonic Records owners, Kyau & Albert are trance favourites amongst scenes both locally and internationally. These guys continuously produce high quality (and higher energy) music. We got a chance to ask a couple of questions about Luminosity and what’s up next for the talented duo. Give this track a listen and then check out the EDM TOR exclusive interview below!

EDM TOR: How do you manage to keep your sound your own and keep it true to trance? Your new remix of Markus’ Destiny is amazing!

Ralph Kyau: First we analyze the original song and then we just play around and try things out until we find the key idea.
Steven Albert: Every production is a bit different. We just produce what we like, that’s all.

EDM TOR: What can the Lumi Beach trancefamily expect from your classics set?

Ralph Kyau: We will be playing Euphonic and Anjunabeats classics there.

EDM TOR: Will you be staying to catch any of the other sets at Luminosity?

Steven Albert: Yeah. We will be there before and after our set and will listen to the other DJs and meet a few friends there too.

EDM TOR: Is there a DJ that you feel is a must-see on that line-up?

Ralph Kyau: There are so many great artists on Sunday, such as Thrillseekers, Judge Jules or York, to name a few.

EDM TOR: What do you think was the most memorable show you’ve played this year and why?

Steven Albert: There were a lot great shows this year, maybe most memorable was our 6 hour set in New York. We’ve never played such a long set before. The longest sets we normally play are 4 hour sets.

EDM TOR: Can each of you choose one of your own tracks that you are really proud of and tell us why?

Ralph Kyau: This is a very hard question as I think there’s more than one I am proud of, haha. Outside a.k.a. Be There 4 U because it was our break-thru song and our first big hit.
Steven Albert: Are You Fine for me, as I know that it will be back after we recorded the vocals.

EDM TOR: Tell us which up and coming artist we should watch out for next.

Steven Albert: Mino Safy from Algeria. Ben Hennessy from the UK.
Ralph Kyau: Assaf from Canada. Dimension from Spain. But there are many more great, young talents out there at the moment.

EDM TOR: Anything to say to your Toronto fans?

Ralph Kyau: We can’t wait to be back, hopefully this year.

EDM TOR: What’s next for the duo that’s done it all?

Steven Albert: We are finished a new track for Anjunabeats, which gets released later this year. Also working more new material at the moment.
Ralph Kyau: Also started to prepare our big 20 year anniversary in 2016.

There you have it! If you haven’t heard these two live yet, keep an eye out for the next time they’re in town – it’s well worth the experience.

Purchase your copy of their track Follow the Waves with Mino Safy and Florian Paetzold here.



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