TRACKS: Johnny Trika Releases “PUNK FOOLS” Official Music Video


On July 16th, 2015, Montreal-based DJ-Producer, Johnny Trika released the official music video for his hit single Punk Fools which released on Dubfire’s renowned SCI+TEC label. Directed by xCult and shot in the basement of Hitlab in Montréal, visual artists Teetz Anthony and Dean Henry teamed up to create a hallucinative, punchy and beat driven video for Trika’s most recent track.

The video features a series of trippy visuals displayed through the lens of a kaleidoscope. Images of a skateboard, sneakers stomping on a dust-ridden floor and the head-whipping of an unknown individual are sporadically pieced together, making this video unusually hypnotic and ambiguous. Visual artist, Anthony Teetz Pecoraro says of the project, “I enjoy watching something and not really understanding the surroundings and that’s what we tried to do here.”

Punk Fools
is a quick paced, heavy-hitting track, layered with a variety of obscure sound effects. Each layer continually builds upon the next, resulting in a cyclical rhythm that will keep you moving about the dance floor. The track maintains a minimalistic sound, despite its infectiously groovy melody. A modulated voice calls out sporadically, giving Punk Fools a futuristic tone that is strangely addictive.


Johnny Trika was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. It was only in 2011 that Johnny was introduced to the minimal-techno sound; ever since, Johnny has been unable to step away. Music is now his primary passion. In 2012, Johnny began taking production more seriously, and by late 2013 plans to release on SCI+TEC Digital Audio were set in stone.

Johnny Trika’s sound is influenced by artists such as Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Trentemoller, Gaiser and Recondite, while adding his own unique flavour to the minimal-techno genre.

Johnny Trika’s first 3 track EP, “Main Squeeze – TEC117”, was released in October 2014, his second 3 track EP, “Punk Fools – TEC 133” is set for June 2015, with plans for a third EP on its way.

What Johnny Trika brings to the musical scene is unlike any other. Only performing live sets packed with original material, his sound creates a hypnotic, dream-like atmosphere fuelled by unique bass lines, dark synths, and funky grooves. The end result is a harmony of vibrant sounds brought together with the intention of moving the audience to an alternative state of being.


Johnny Trika


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