TRACKS: Polaris releases “Break” & “Tyler Roper” on The Jedi Collective


Toronto based DJ/Producer Polaris sees his 1st release consisting of both Break and Tyler Roper on The Jedi Collective out July 17th, 2015. This release will be available on Beatport, Itunes and Google Music.

Polaris is one of the Toronto rave scene’s most favoured drum and bass DJs. Firstly influenced by trance and electro, Polaris started out by producing and composing drum and bass tracks for his own mixes. A classically trained pianist for 16 years and counting, Polaris’ style and exciting but subtle sound has gotten him noticed by such DJs and Producers like DJ Kapulet, Hugs Not Drugs, Christian Poulsen, Rick Toxic of Toronto Jungle and James Brown from Soul in Motion. His mixes, consisting of varying genres, excellent flow, and the ability to make a crowd start tearing and ripping apart has gotten him noticed.

The Jedi Collective is Canada’s longest running DnB label, dating back to 1997 with its 1st release being the classic Let Me Know from Slip n’ Slide.

Jedi is the DnB division of Richmond Street Records which has sold 15,000 albums/singles since 2010, a number that continues to rise.


The Jedi Collective




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