NEWS: Paul Kalkbrenner’s Massive Music Video Trilogy “FLORIAN” and the “7” Album


Paul Kalkbrenner today released the 22-minute short film FLORIAN. The film documents the story of a fictional character named Florian; a young foreigner who compulsively shares the music he loves with strangers, though ends up getting rejected.

FLORIAN was written by Creative Directors Alexander Nowak and Felix Richter of advertising agency Droga5 New York, and directed by Bjoern Ruehmann of Furlined. FLORIAN is the first music video project that Droga5 has undertaken.

The film’s story is meant to parallel the peculiar outsider role of techno dance music in the US. The film is accompanied by three tracks from the forthcoming “7”, Cloud Rider, Mother Trucker and Feed Your Head.

“7” is the seventh studio album from one of Berlin’s most singular music producers. Kalkbrenner’s history is intertwined with Berlin, he has lived and breathed techno since growing up in the shadow of the Wall in East Berlin, where he continues to live today.

Paul’s first albums were released on Ellen Allien’s bPitch Control, he then went on to play the lead role in the cult movie ‘Berlin Calling’, for which he also wrote and produced the Platinum selling soundtrack. His Berlin journey was completed when he was invited by the German government to play to 500,000 people last year to celebrate the 25^th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down.

Musically as uncompromising as any of his previous albums, “7” sees Paul return to using vocals for the first time since his record-breaking anthem, Sky & Sand. After signing with Columbia | Sony International Paul was the first act to ever be given access to the master vaults and tapes of Sony and Columbia. Paul used the vocals from D-Train for Cloud Rider and is the first artist to ever officially sample the vocals of Jefferson Airplane (on the track Feed Your Head) and Luther Vandross on “7”.

The release of 7 will be accompanied by a brand new Paul Kalkbrenner live show, featuring a completely bespoke stage and production design to accompany the new material. Paul will perform a live release concert in NYC on August 15.

“7” can be pre-ordered on iTunes.


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