TRACK REVIEW: micFreak – Sparkz


After a long day, I finally was putting headphones on and I listening to the track I had in front of me. micFreak’s track Sparkz, although labeled as trance, has a progressive house feel to it.

Sparkz, released on Deepsink Digital, was certainly an interesting listen. The track itself has a nice warm sound to it, refreshing as the Canadian summer is winding down. The synths have a nice string ensemble sound that slowly builds progression in the track. A catchy bass line completes the track, creating a good overall groove. As a whole, Sparkz has a big room/festival sound to it.

After having listened to the release, I dove into micFreak‘s offerings on his Soundcloud. I discovered his content mostly to be house and progressive house. Fitting I thought, considering Sparkz contained those elements. What I found was that his offerings differed fairly drastically from his new single release. The bright synths in Sparkz is largely overthrown by more mellow and melodic house offerings. I particularly enjoyed his monthly DJ set posts. They are very well worth a listen.

micFreak hails from Baltimore, Maryland and has 15 years of musical experience to his name. He was exposed to different musical avenues while performing in pop/rock bands. Having listened to the likes of Ferry Corsten, Moby, Above and Beyond, Deadmau5, Hardwell, Dj Icey, BT, The Chemical Brothers, Carl Cox, micFreak entered his current ‘home’, which is what he calls electronic music.




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