EVENT REVIEW: Progressive Monkey presents Logic Bomb (SWE) @ Club 120 05-09-15


The Progressive Monkey crew was able to pull off a major event, this time at a new venue known as Club 120. The same psy-family faces were in attendance, and a few new ones. The legendary Swedish duo Logic Bomb finally was here, but of Jonas Pettersson and Johan Krafft, only one member would be able to attend this performance. As many artist duos and teams have decided to do, Johan Krafft was then able to do a show in another location. We happily awaited the appearance of Jonas while enjoying the supporting DJs.

I reached the venue close to midnight, and had arrived just when Audi Étoffe was unleashing all of the horses in the climax of his set. He closed the set with a series of beats while I was on the dance floor stomping away. Ina Matrex took over the decks next and started with a very uplifting progressive sound. Later, as he transitioned to a more thumping full-on sound, he kept the energy high throughout his set. The main dance floor was completely packed, while many others chose to find their personal space in various corners in the club. The quality of sound was excellent all around the venue.

Next up was MagicMushroom, the upcoming star in Toronto’s sky who has been burning the dance floors all summer at outdoor festivals and indoor events alike. Hugo started his set with a powerful bass thumping sound and I noticed he played tracks by 1200 Micrograms, Astrix, G.M.S., Infected Mushroom and many others as he steadily moved our feet. A more melodious sound was used closer to the end of his set, leading us into the headliner’s set. What could be a better a way to welcome Logic Bomb than a melodious full on track?!

This was my first visit at the Club 120 and I must say that I was impressed by this venue. The space is spread out over multiple layers, with two floors, great sound and acoustics, ample space to dance, and a loaded bar serving at the standard rates. The place was very well decorated with psychedelic art courtesy of Space Tribe and thanks to efforts of Progressive Monkey for setting it all up in a very creative way. I expect to see more variety in the art at upcoming Progressive Monkey events.

As Jonas Pettersson walked on stage, the crowd cheered as a grand welcome of Logic Bomb to the Toronto Psyfamily. The excitement was high as everyone wanted to get close to the master and express themselves through dance. The dance floor was as packed as it could get. Logic Bomb started with classics like The Grid, Kalibrator, and Skrock and then moved on to a much newer sound with In Orbit and Banoix. The Goa full-on sound had taken over Club 120. The place was bursting with energy and joy and the audience at the event were privileged to dance to tracks that Logic Bomb has not yet released. Some are scheduled to be released on their new album at the end of 2015. The set offered everything from the old school to the new and evolved contemporary sound, while transitioning between them smoothly. This was one set that I’m so glad I witnessed in person. Logic Bomb played the set for 2hrs and then I noticed Psyslim getting ready to set up for his closing set. The crowd cheered again, yet the final hurrah was louder than the sound system in Club 120.

It’s always a challenge to follow up the headliner of the night. and Psyslim was up for more than that challenge as he started the set keeping the tempo that Logic Bomb was finishing with. Out churned mind-numbing Goa psy-trance tunes, one after the other. Psyslim was showing us no mercy. I’ve been watching Salim play for couple of years now and this was easily my most favourite set by him. The set was full of industrial sounds with a timely melody popping up once a while. He kept transitioning from one powerful track into another playing a variety of new and old tracks. It was already 4AM and there were no signs of things slowing down as most of the crowd was still dancing their hearts out. Then at 5:15AM the venue finally decided that it was time to shut down this amazing party as the satisfied attendees has begun to filter out. Murmurs of the next Prog Monkey event was already being discussed, one that will be headlined by the legendary G.M.S. (Riktam & Bansi).

This night proved to be a new chapter in the Progressive Monkey story as they had a successful night with their new home, Club 120. The next 2 events going into fall are slated at the same venue, the first one featuring G.M.S. is on September 26th, 2015, the second will have a 3 hour extended set by none other than Perfect Stranger. The way 2015 has shaped up for psy-trance in Toronto shows that very exciting things lie ahead for the Psyfamily.

Until the next one, live like there’s no midnight!


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