TRACKS: Listenbee Releases New Track “Nottamun Town”


Last year, illusive, Los Angeles based, indie dance Producer, Listenbee, released Save Me, a triumphant debut which to date has amassed over 35 million Spotify plays, reached the number #2 position on HypeMachine, and spawned a controversial video shot entirely on the island of Grenada.

Released on Lokal Legend, the home of singer-songwriter Kiesza, Save Me became an international underground hit. Praised as both masterful and cinematic, the song spawned a slew of remixes from artists including SeeB, Tez Cadey, and Ferry Corsten.

Listenbee returns with his sophomore single, the soulful and extra ordinary Nottamun Town.

“When I first heard Jean Ritchie’s version of Nottamun Town, I felt like I had stumbled into some kind of cool time warp. I could feel the history in it. I wanted to create a song that could exist in the modern world but still have the pulse and feeling of all that history. This song is special to me, and I hope it captures people’s imaginations the same way it captured mine.” – Listenbee

Lokal Legend label owner, Rami Afuni, also talks about the song, saying, “Save Me really took on a life all of it’s own, we obviously loved the track when we released it, but we did not really expect it to live for over a year. Listenbee has been in the studio pretty consistently working on original material and remixes since the beginning of the year and has created a brilliant body of work. Nottamun Town however is very special and we are happy to finally bring the world his second single.”

Built upon a deep and illustrious heritage, the story of Nottamun Town is one that is soundly ingrained in history. Maintaining its folk roots with a modern dance edge, Listenbee’s interpretation of Nottamun Town continues its lineage of evolving through the years. Boasting a rich arrangement of beats, strings, horns, guitars and tambourines, the song features a soaring and original vocal from Deb’s Daughter. Listenbee has re-invented and breathes new life into this piece of history.

Said to have originated as far back as medieval England, the folk tale of Nottamun Town quickly became a far-reaching oral tradition, spreading overseas and through the Appalachian Mountains over time. Enchanted by the song’s mysterious nature as a child, legendary folk singer Jean Ritchie brought the song into prominence in the 1950s. Determined to unlock the secret behind it, Ritchie traveled to Nottingham, the rumored home of the song. When asked what the song might mean, the locals slyly replied with a simple phrase: “If the meaning is found, the magic is lost.”





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