EP REVIEW: Jay Lumen’s “Oh 303” on 100% Pure


On November 23, 2015, Jay Lumen released his two-track EP, “Oh 303” on 100% Pure, Amsterdam’s longest running techno and tech-house label. “Oh 303” brings elements of techno, tech-house and acid-house together, highlighting Lumen’s highly evolved style and attention to his compositions.

Oh 303 (Let The Bass Kick) brings traditional acid-house elements into play with a classy bassline. It has a groovy and electric feel pulled along by Jay’s signature drum stylings. Oh 303 (Let The Bass Kick) differs from Jay’s usual style by introducing upbeat and energetic sounds into his production.

Work it Out brings forth the Lumen sound we’re used to with heavy kicks and a powerful, rolling bassline. This is a track that you want to hear in the club when you’re dead center in your zone. It combines the hard-hitting bits of techno with the driving force of tech-house.

Get your copy of “Oh 303” on Beatport.


Jay Lumen


Kayla LePage – EDM TOR


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