EVENT REVIEW: Prog Monkey presents 5 Years Celebration with Protonica at Club120 12-12- 15


After 5 years of mind blowing psychedelic journeys, Progressive Monkey put on an event that will never be forgotten. They pulled out all the stop with the return of one of the biggest Prog sensations out there, Protonica. They also brought in a solid support of local DJs including Rikam, Sara Dopstar, Razziki and Psyslim.

It was 10PM when I arrived Club 120 and Psyslim was on the stage ready to play his set. The decor was much better than the previous event, with the addition of a few new crazy psychedelic paintings and the classic outdoor feel with a pink cloth above the dancefloor. Psyslim played his usual style of psychedelic tunes while the crowd began to fill in. A new rule was applied that there would be no ins and outs before 12:30AM, so the crowd had no choice but to dance to Psyslim’s set and he put on quite a show for them.

At around 11:15PM, Psyslim played his last track and the new comer Razziki stepped up on stage. Razziki surprised everyone as soon as the first track hit; the sounds were quite familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it. After two or three tracks he dropped three of my favourite tracks from Vini Vici, Anything and Everything, The Tribe and Alteza. It was after that that I quickly realized he was playing a set based off Vini Vici’s album “The Tribe”. Needless to say, everyone was ecstatic to hear him spin.

An hour or so went by and Razziki finished off in a blaze of glory, leaving room for the superstar Sara Dopstar to jump on. It was a classic Dopstar set full of proggy grooves and psychedelic fairy tales. Sara put on an amazing performance, as she always does, taking the crowd to higher levels with her amazing knowledge of breakdowns and uplifts and then crashing them down with a killer bassline. Sara surely did not disappoint that night and left the crowd wanting more. After an hour Sara dropped the last bomb, which created the perfect setting for the headliner Protonica.

I had never seen the Toronto Psyfamily get as excited as they were that night, and when Piet Kaempfer of the duo Protonica stepped on stage, everyone lost their minds. He put on a terrific performance that had everyone howling and screaming with every drop he made. He played his original classics such as Floating Joint and the remix of Serotonin Overdose by Rocky and Ace Ventura. It was without a doubt a breath taking experience. Protonica wanted to leave us on the tips of our toes the whole time and he accomplished just that. Two hours seemed like nothing but the time had come for Protonica to say goodbye once again to Toronto Psyfamily as he left the stage and welcomed the last hero of the night, Rikam.

After an unforgettable set by the prog sensation Protonica, everyone was left wanting more . Rikam setup his first track and immediately blew everyone away. The howls and screams from before continued as he dropped masterpiece after masterpiece. He played the new singles from the label Tech Safari including Horizon by Faders, a remix of Liftshift’s Grey Area by Mindwaverey and Dragon Kite by Illumination. 5AM rolled around and it was time for everyone to head home. Rikam took this into consideration and dropped his last track, ending the night with a bang. Club 120 closed the doors and the Toronto Psyfamily said their fair wells.

It was a magical night and a successful celebration indeed. So many new people showed up and so many old friends were present as well. With every event Progressive Monkey has had, they have been getting bigger and better, and with the next two events coming up with Talamasca in January and Vibrasphere in February it looks like there is no place to go but up. Don’t forget to check those events out and grab your early birds for them while you can, you don’t want to miss them.

Tickets can be found for Talamasca in January here and for Vibrasphere in February here!

You can find pictures taken that night in EDMTOR’s album here!


Sara Dopstar

Phillip Pereira – EDMTOR


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